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Kraft Heinz launches digital home cooking platform

Kraft Heinz has launched a new digital platform, What’s Cooking, aimed at helping to inspire and educate home cooks.

The company says its former print publication is retooling as an online space for current and would-be chefs and food creators to create content, engage and grow their audiences, and collaborate with other creatives.

The ultimate aim? To better serve and connect more closely with home cooks.

The company has already partnered with chef, author, and Top Chef alum Edward Lee, who has joined as creative director for What’s Cooking.

People can sign up and join the community to view the content, where they’ll also be able to watch videos, save recipes, learn new techniques, and get to know the different chefs and creators.

“The piece that was so innovative about What’s Cooking in the past was an ability to connect with food lovers,” says Diana Frost, chief growth and sustainability officer at Kraft Heinz Canada. “And so, the essence of the new platform is ‘for food lovers by food creators.’ It’s about connecting a community of [home cooks] and doing it in a way that is exciting, innovative and new.”

With home cooking surging in popularity, “people can learn, be inspired and engage with home cooking,” says Frost.

The reimagined What’s Cooking platform is part of Kraft Heinz Company’s ongoing digital transformation, which includes enabling and driving more enticing, engaging and interactive consumer touchpoints.

“The data and insights that we will get from What’s Cooking will help [inform] how we serve up personalized and relevant content, as well as inform what type of creators we want to partner with next,” says Frost. “We’re putting consumers, a culture of food, and our brands at the centre of our transformation and [What’s Cooking] does such a great job of doing that.”

Ultimately, Frost says, it’s about getting people to fall in love with food. “It’s all about a community of food lovers and food creatives and if you go too far down the path of branded content, it’s a little bit more inauthentic. For us, it’s more about the data, insights, innovation and connectivity, as opposed to branded content.”

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