restaurant design

Looking ahead to 2024’s restaurant design trends

Restaurant design is ever evolving, as operators try and improve functionality and aesthetics while standing out from the crowd with a brand that’s authentically their own. Of course, trends come and go, and restaurateurs need to focus on what works best for their business, but adding unique touches and current elements can help restaurants stay relevant and connect with their customers.

So, what’s trending in 2024 restaurant design?

Around the world

Just as we are seeing global influences on restaurant menus, this trend will also be important for design and décor. As customers continue to look for a memorable dining experience, restaurant design will take guests to a whole new place, combining ambience with accents to create new and original spaces, to complement global culinary flavours.

Raising the bar

As functional cocktails and mocktails continue to make their mark on menus, restaurants are creating spaces where mixology can shine. From bar setups with dynamic lighting to dramatic backdrops, and furniture and fixtures that make the bar experience unique, this space is getting a lot of attention in 2024.

Extra eatertainment

In an effort to provide an immersive experience to diners, eatertainment will continue to be important next year, with game rooms, virtual reality, live performances, and special events. This trend emerges as competition remains fierce and restaurants work to capture precious diner dollars, looking for ways to stand out and attract attention while offering something more than the rest.

Mixed messages

Gone are the days when a restaurant was held to one specific theme. Next year brings designs including multiple themes and separate dining areas within one restaurant. This will allow operators to create many immersive experiences within the same building, offering their guests more under one roof. This trend also means restaurants can create separate spaces that are insta-worthy, as well, giving guests something to post and share when they visit.

Going natural

Natural materials like rattan, wood panelling, and stoneware will continue to gain momentum as restaurateurs focus on a natural feel with a modern twist. Ceilings are also becoming a focal point, with plants and unique textures catching on in 2024.

Trends come and go but 2024 offers a variety of choices to operators looking to update their look or add a newer, more contemporary feel. Sticking to a design that suits your brand and that your customers recognize makes good sense, but why not try and incorporate some newness into your design, to get attention and stand out a little more in the marketplace?