LunchBoxPass, a new lunch service, launches in Calgary

Press release

Score lunch every weekday for $139 a month with the LunchBoxPass app

Eating out for lunch is a fast way of building up the week’s expenditures, but LunchBoxPass, a new Calgary based start-up is looking to change that. The new lunch start-up offers a $139 monthly membership that lets its members get lunch every weekday for less than $7 per meal. Members can order their meals from any one of the highly curated participating restaurants, which includes, as of now, around 25 different Downtown restaurants.

LunchBoxPass offers two alternate plans: $89 for twelve meals or $39 for five meals, for people who eat out less often. And yes, every meal is included in every monthly subscription.

“You probably shouldn’t be spending $10-15 a day on lunch,” said Operations Manager, Elad Rosenberg. He also added “Our mission is to bring an affordable way to get really good food”.

Participating restaurants offer at least one meal a day. Lunch menus pop up at 7:00 p.m. the day before, and LunchBoxPass members must choose what they want for lunch by 9:30 a.m., giving restaurants enough time to prepare.

The offerings rotate daily with daily options offered from restaurants such as Goro+Gun, The

Green Bean, Holy Grill, The Butcher and the Baker, Peppino’s and Chef’s Cafe. Users can find the entire list of participating restaurants by visiting

Members provide the restaurant with a window in which they plan to pick it up. At lunch, members pick up their meals at the restaurant in a specially designated line (with no wait!), and prepaid meals means less time at checkout.

To get more information or register, please visit