summer LTOs

Make the most of your summer LTOs

During some of the busiest months in the foodservice industry, many fast-food restaurants are upping their game with summer specials to boost their sales and get extra attention for their restaurants. Using LTOs to attract interest in the menu, bring in larger groups, and build customer loyalty is a solid strategy for restaurants looking to get ahead this summer and beyond.

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There are a few ways you can follow this QSR trend using LTOs to raise restaurant revenues this summer.

Staying seasonal

Some restaurants are taking advantage of the hotter weather by offering summer-themed LTOs that draw attention to their seasonal menus. A&W, for example, recently launched its frozen lineup, adding frozen root beer, a sweet cream shake, and a mocha shake to the menu. They’ve also added a selection of frozen lemonade to help customers stay cool during the summer months.

McDonald’s has launched their ‘summer drink days’ promo, offering seasonally-flavoured fruit splash beverages, along with one-dollar options like iced coffees and fountain drinks.

Restaurants can adopt their own versions of summer dishes, seasonal drinks, and fun flavours to entice guests to visit more often during the hotter weather.

Family value

In an effort to appeal to more families, some restaurants are creating larger meals that everyone can share, adding value for a small increase in price. At Papa John’s, they are offering a selection of items that cost $7 each as long as you buy two or more. This encourages families to choose multiple selections to share, while each item only costs $7.

Pizza Hut is offering a ‘big dinner box,’ where families can enjoy a combination of three medium one-topping pizzas, or two medium one-topping pizzas with breadsticks, and pasta or chicken wings, all for about $30.

In today’s economy, it’s a good idea to try and attract families with better value to raise your cheque totals and maintain your margins.

Loyalty counts

Loyalty apps are another way to use summer LTOs to improve profits. They provide operators the opportunity to engage with their clientele, gain valuable customer information, and record redemption data for future promos.

Many restaurants are using summer LTOs to boost their loyalty memberships and strengthen customer relationships. McDonald’s, for example, is featuring a ‘free fries Friday’ promo, available with a minimum one-dollar purchase through the app. They’ve also added menu items like shareable nuggets to the app, making it a perk for members and encouraging customers to take advantage of these deals by becoming a member of the loyalty app. Burger King is offering these same deals to its loyalty members, on top of a rotating selection of deals they can choose from through the app.

Your LTOs are a way to offer seasonal favourites, attract larger group visits, and add members to your loyalty program to maximize your margins this summer.