occasion destination

Make your restaurant an occasion destination

Diners often spend special moments like birthdays or anniversaries at their favourite restaurants, so becoming an occasion destination means your guests associate you with some of the important milestones in their lives. This not only builds relationships with your clientele and boosts loyalty, but it may also help your bottom line by filling those tables and creating repeat income.

How can you make your restaurant an occasion destination? Many people enjoy returning to a specific spot to celebrate, favouring the familiar over risking trying somewhere new on their special day. In fact, Gen Z diners spend 29 per cent of their restaurant visits celebrating an occasion, so how can you encourage them to choose your restaurant for their next celebration?

Build loyalty

When guests are looking for a place to celebrate their latest milestone, they turn to their beloved restaurants. Getting to know your guests will help elevate their experience while making them feel like they are part of the family. And when you make your guests feel like family, they will want to spend their important moments with you. Spend time analyzing your loyalty membership data to learn about guest habits, preferences, and special milestones. From there, you can reach out to offer personalized messages or offer them an incentive like a free appetizer or dessert when they celebrate with you. Keep the engagement and communication regular to stay top of mind.

Making your guests feel special will continue to build that loyalty and help you deliver exceptional experiences that will keep them celebrating their occasions with you.

Manage your menu

Often, celebrations involve large groups, so make sure your menu offers something that will appeal to families visiting together. Add sharing plates, family-style dining, and an all-inclusive menu so there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget those off-premise diners, too. Many people are choosing to celebrate at home, but that doesn’t mean they are cooking. Offer a takeout menu that is appealing for celebrating outside of your restaurant to keep guests choosing your menu for their milestones.

Elevate the experience

Making your restaurant your diners’ first choice means standing out from your competition. Often, diners will make a reservation when they know a special say is coming up. Be sure that your website and reservation system is top-notch, so their experience starts out on a great note.

Creating a space where people want to celebrate their happiest moments means creating a space that’s warm and inviting. If you have a separate room, consider marketing that space for special occasions, where people can enjoy time together in privacy.

Don’t forget to celebrate right along with them! Let staff know if there is an occasion, so they can help your guests feel special. Advise the kitchen so they can do something unique like sending out a dessert or writing a message on their dishes.

The key to becoming an occasion destination is leaving a lasting impression with your guests that makes them feel appreciated and loved, so they want to come back to celebrate the next important milestone in their lives.