long weekends

Making long weekends work for your restaurant

Canadian diners love to get out and celebrate, and long weekends are the perfect way to get guests out to your restaurant. From LTOs to patio events to fun festivities – and more – use long weekends to fill your seats and make the most of your margins.

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your long weekends are a success, your teams are prepared, and your guests are happy.

Plan ahead

Long weekends can mean more visitors, increased off-premise orders, and less available staff. One way to get a better handle on your labour is to schedule earlier, which will help to organize your shifts and manage requests for time off.  Look into last year’s numbers to get an idea of the staff you will need (and when) to be able to accommodate your guests and their orders.

Taking reservations

You may want to consider taking reservations on those dates, just to give you an even clearer picture of how many people you can expect to see over the weekend. Not only that, but this will allow the maximum number of guests to visit you without having to wait in a lineup at the door. Use tools like your online reservation system to make the process smoother and save your team’s time.

Get the word out

Start promoting the festivities long before the date. People plan ahead with vacations and events throughout the summer, so give guests the notice they need to add yours to their calendars. This means putting details with booking links on your website, on your social media, and having your team promote the dates at the table. The more people who are interested and book early, the more income you can count on generating.

Make it fun

Really get into the spirit with themed décor, live entertainment, special menus, and more! Getting guests to visit you on their long weekend means enticing them with something fun and unique. Think about offering special drinks, hosting contests, or collaborating with other local artists or vendors. Give guests a reason to visit your restaurant on the next long weekend!

Long weekends can be a challenge for businesses with less labour, more traffic, and hot weather. Plan ahead to stay organized, fill those seats, and make the most of your margins on long weekends this summer.