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Smart insights: Marketing your restaurant to moms

By Jasmine Kafka

Below are key highlights of the recent Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago, combined with Kidzsmart’s insights on moms and families.

Overall, moms describe themselves as being time-starved; their job is a balancing act of a number of often overwhelming priorities, and they usually feel like they are failing. Today’s moms are tired of advertising that portrays them as perfect, and tired of the pressure to live up to that false standard. The truth is that moms want to be real and genuine, and they want to be engaged with brands that communicate with integrity and authenticity, and with relevant content that helps them reach their goals, removes their frustrations and recognizes them as individuals.

Their biggest frustration is assembling the dinner meal each day – which gives restaurants a tremendous opportunity to help the family out by giving Mom a much-needed break! It’s also essential for restaurants to offer healthy kids menus because one of Mom’s biggest key measures of success is the health and wellness of their children. Of course, for a restaurant to make Mom’s short list, the environment and customer service must remove frustration and be family friendly.

Moms are a prevailing consumer group in Canada given that they make the majority of purchase decisions in the family, and the following insights will help brands engage with this powerful segment.

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