Marketing Basics

  • Smart insights: Marketing your restaurant to moms

    December 4, 2014
    By Jasmine Kafka Below are key highlights of the recent Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago, combined with Kidzsmart’s insights on moms and families. Overall, moms describe themselves as being time-starved; their job is a balancing act of a number of often overwhelming priorities, and they usually feel like they are failing. Today’s moms are tired of ...
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  • Six tips to protect your restaurant from CASL

    June 19, 2014
    By Diane Chiasson Some major changes are coming our way for email and text message marketing in Canada. On July 1st, 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) will come into effect, and it’s one of the most aggressive anti-spam laws in the world. In a nutshell, you can no longer email or text anyone in Canada until ...
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  • Five ideas for classes to offer at your restaurant

    April 14, 2014
    By Diane Chiasson A great cost-effective marketing tool and opportunity to drive up profits is to offer cooking classes during off-hours or held in the private room (if available) at your restaurant operation. Depending on the size of your operation, you can either offer cooking demonstrations or actual hands-on classes. The key to the success of these ...
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  • Five ways to use your restaurant’s digital signage effectively

    February 20, 2013
    By Diane Chiasson Digital signage is slowly taking over the restaurant and foodservice industry. Most operators have already made the switch over to digital menu boards, or have plans to in the near future. And it makes sense. Digital boards are a cost-effective way for restaurant owners and operators to instantaneously communicate any message they want ...
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  • Restaurant marketing to health conscious consumers

    January 1, 2013
    By Andrea Holwegner January 31, 2013 Understanding the needs and wishes of healthy eaters and those with specific health challenges is becoming more important for restaurants and the foodservice industry as a whole. Consumers are becoming more aware and will continue to demand choice and ask questions about your offerings. With an increasing number of people either ...
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  • Four refreshing tips for marketing to modern beer drinkers

    October 29, 2012
    By Roger Mittag October 29, 2012 Cold, refreshing, thirst-quenching and sociability have, for quite some time, been the catch phrases used in the marketing of beer. Throughout much of the 20th century, beer has been seen to be the blue-collar drink of the masses, but this antiquated image is quickly dissipating. Beer is now being given its ...
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  • Six consumer demographic and buying trends

    July 17, 2012
    By Diane Chiasson The world is changing quickly, as are the demographics of consumers with the most spending power, as well as their buying habits. This means that your restaurant operation needs to change and adapt as well in order to be successful. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants Inc., a restaurant and foodservice consultancy firm ...
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  • Seven tips for moving up in search rankings by improving your web presence

    April 16, 2012
    By Diane Chiasson Creating an online presence with useful content is one of the major keys to be successful on the Internet today. Today, a website has to offer much more than just basic information about your restaurant or foodservice operation. It has to engage your visitors and encourage repeat visits. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson ...
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  • Seven creative ideas to generate extra income

    September 15, 2011
    By Diane Chiasson As a restaurant or foodservice operator, sales of your food and drink probably generate most, if not all of your income. But there are other ways in which you can generate a bit of extra money by selling your services or your space outside of the usual. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants ...
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  • Seven marketing ideas for the back-to-school crowd

    July 12, 2011
    By Diane Chiasson Back-to-school is one of the busiest times of the year for retail stores, as families stock up on new clothes, backpacks, pencils, notebooks and other items. Amidst all the chaos and frenzy of trying to get ready for school, families must also eat. As a restaurant or foodservice operator, there are several ways you ...
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  • Mobile marketing for restaurant and foodservice operators

    March 4, 2011
    By Diane Chiasson Mobile marketing seems to be the new hot topic for restaurant and foodservice operators around the world, but like social media and other new technological trends, there seems to be a lot of talk but not that many restaurant operators have taken it up. A lot of these new trends are targeting a younger ...
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  • Nine marketing ideas to get your restaurant ready for the holidays

    December 6, 2010
    By Diane Chiasson December 6, 2010 The holiday rush is in full force right now, which means that it is the busiest time of year for everyone. Non-stop shopping, year-end parties, school concerts, family gatherings, out-of-town guests… the events are endless. As a restaurant or foodservice operator, December is a great month to promote your business, boost ...
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  • Six ways to make merchandising work for your restaurant

    November 20, 2010
    By Diane Chiasson Effective merchandising is key to building success and boosting profits in your restaurant I’ve been in the restaurant, foodservice and retail merchandising business for nearly 30 years, and I’ve seen the many changes the industry has undergone during that time. Most noticeably, merchandising is no longer considered an afterthought, or something to think about ...
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  • Eight dos and don’ts for menus

    September 30, 2010
    By Diane Chiasson It’s a well-known fact in the restaurant and foodservice industry that your menu is your most effective marketing tool. Your menu not only needs to be interesting enough to draw customers into your operation, but it also needs to create opportunities for you to get those customers to spend as much as possible. Don’t ...
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  • Old is gold: Eight ways to draw in the 55+ crowd

    September 15, 2010
    By Diane Chiasson Guess which group of spenders has the most disposable income? Although most marketing companies believe the 18 to 40 year olds are the hottest group, the truth is baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) have the most cash to spend. Many in the 55+ group have retirement and pension plans that allow them ...
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