Vector Multi-Cook ovens

Maximize space with ventless kitchen solutions

When it comes to optimizing commercial kitchen operations, there are several key considerations, particularly as the need for adaptability has accelerated over the past year.

For foodservice establishments to succeed in the current climate, the ability to adapt to operate at lower capacities and with finer margins has become paramount.

For many, space has become an intensified challenge. With social distancing top of mind for over a year now, maintaining physical separation has been important, and that has often necessitated changes to kitchen layout and reduced capacities in both the front and back of house.

Vector Multi-Cook ovens

Existing technology takes up large space and often falls short when it comes to factors like batch cooking, evenness of cooking, labour intensity, and cook times. Thankfully, there are solutions to these problems.

Ventless equipment such as Alto-Shaam’s Vector® H Series Multi-Cook ovens are the perfect solution.

The compact oven takes up just 21 inches of space and are certified ventless, allowing operators to place the oven anywhere to free up crowded kitchens. As standalone ventless units, they eliminate the need for an exhaust hood. Additionally, Vector ovens can replace and relieve other pieces of equipment to free up valuable kitchen space, eliminating the need for additional fryers, speed cook ovens, broilers, griddles, convection ovens and more.

“Finding many new and effective applications for Vector has led to capital costs savings for large chains and independent operators alike,” says Alto-Shaam’s Corporate Chef in Canada, Joe Levesque.

Not only do Vector ovens optimize kitchens, they also offer range of other key benefits:

  • Unmatched Food Volume. Featuring Structured Air Technology® and with zero microwave assist, Vector ovens cook twice as much food in the same amount of time as traditional ovens while maintaining the highest quality, to help operators keep up during peak service times.
  • Unmatched Variety. Vector Multi-Cook ovens feature up to four independent cooking chambers with their own air path, catalyst, and fan at the rear. Independent fans and heating elements give operators the ability to control each chamber’s temperature, fan speed, and cook time while cooking up to four different food items simultaneously. Because each chamber is a closed system, there is zero flavour transfer between chambers.
  • Superior Consistency. Vector ovens can be programmed to cook a specific product exactly the same way every time to ensure consistency. Structured Air Technology provides superior evenness and heat distribution throughout the vector oven, cooking to the highest quality with no food degradation and no hot and cold spots.
  • Advanced Control. Multi-Cook Ovens are highly user-friendly for employees, designed with a simple and intuitive interface featuring programmable recipes to ensure consistency with each cook. Equipped with ChefLinc™, a remote oven management system, operators have complete control of their Vector ovens, menus, and business via an easy-to-use dashboard that provides real-time data at their fingertips.
  • Reduce Skilled Labour. The ovens eliminate steps in food production and the need for employees to watch and rotate pans. They are the perfect all-in-one replacement for multiple pieces of equipment, doing the job of microwave and speed ovens, grills, conveyor ovens, salamanders, and more, all with the result of better food quality in a smaller space.
  • Waterless Operation. The ovens reduce installation and operating costs. No plumbing, drain lines, filtration, or associated maintenance are required.

“With Vector ovens, restaurant operators have been amazed by the increased volume and variety of food at the highest quality and consistency. Running up to four individual ovens at the same time to produce the menu means you’re not running so much equipment at once – we’re able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary equipment and reduce your costs. The Vector Oven will reinvent your cooking establishment and allow you to provide a consistent, perfectly-cooked product every single time with 21 inches of space of ventless technology with a multi-cook oven that you can set anywhere you can imagine, with zero hoods.”

– Alto-Shaam’s Corporate Chef in Canada, Joe Levesque

The best in holding equipment

Alto-Shaam also offers a range of holding equipment to keep prepared food at the highest quality until service, allowing operators to relieve cooking lines, reduce labour, and streamline kitchen traffic. Options such as the Heated Holding Cabinets with gentle, radiant Halo Heat® Technology keep food at its perfect serving temperature and can hold for hours without overcooking or drying it out.

Equip yourself for the new normal

In a foodservice world increasingly shifting towards off-premises consumption, Alto-Shaam’s Vector ovens and holding equipment offer long-term sustainability and profitability. By choosing simple, easy-to-install, and versatile equipment, operators can ensure their existing systems are not overburdened and enjoy added flexibility in terms of kitchen design to maximize floor space, efficiency, and workflow.

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