McDonald’s Canada has created over 2,835 jobs in Québec

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“Restaurant Experience of the Future” contributes to the economic vitality of the province

McDonald’s is proud to announce the creation of over 2,835 jobs in 189 converted restaurants across Québec as part of its modernization of the guest experience which is underway nationwide. With investments of $200,000 to $250,000 per converted location, restaurants in the province have now completed their transformation and are now offering customers an entirely new experience.

“With the introduction of our Create Your Taste™ burger concept and the launch of our Restaurant Experience of the Future, we are transforming the guest experience and creating additional jobs in our restaurants such as new customer experience specialists and waiter positions,” explained Natalie Saulnier, Vice President, Eastern Canada for McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited.

More than one hundred and eighty-nine restaurants across the province now feature the new McDonald’s Canada experience, which includes the following five features:

  • McCafe Bakery: A selection of bakery items, including pastries, croissants and danishes that are baked fresh daily in-house and made with real butter.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Guest Experience Leaders are on-hand to engage with guests – from hello to goodbye – to ensure a memorable dining experience. The introduction of Self-Order Kiosks gives guests a modern opportunity to try their own hand at customizing their burger using the Create Your Taste menu as well as receiving their orders directly at the table
  • Customized Menu Options: The new Create Your Taste menu lets guests build their own premium burger in five simple steps. Guests can choose from nearly 30 options including five cheeses, 12 toppings, two buns, a lettuce wrap and nine sauces. TheCreate Your Taste menu was launched in more than 1,000 restaurants across Canada.
  • Table Service: Guests can now experience table delivery complete with the warm and genuine hospitality McDonald’s is renowned for. Once an order has been placed with Create Your Taste, guests can take a seat while they wait for one of the new dedicated wait staff to deliver their order right to their table.
  • Investing in People: With new restaurant processes, enriched education partnerships and modern uniforms, crew members will enjoy simplified and innovative ways to develop their careers and guest relationships. This commitment translates to between 10 and 15 new positions at each participating restaurant.

“This new offering is one component of a bold plan that aims to transform the way our customers experience McDonald’s across the country,” added Natalie Saulnier. “We are evolving without fundamentally changing who we are. Customers will be able to have more interaction with our employees, while having access to more service opportunities with the new technology available to them in restaurants and the new customizable burger options. Our commitment to serve up delicious food and friendly service remains the same…only better!” concluded Ms. Saulnier.

About McDonald’s Canada

In 1967, Canadians welcomed the first McDonald’s restaurant to Richmond, British Columbia. Today, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited has become part of the Canadian fabric, serving close to three million guests every day.  Together with our franchisees, we proudly employ 90,000 people from coast-to-coast. Approximately 80 per cent of McDonald’s 1,400 Canadian restaurants are locally owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs. Of the almost $1 billion we spend on food, more than 85 per cent is purchased from Canadian suppliers. For more information on McDonald’s Canada visit

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