McDonald’s restaurants in Ontario are making advancements

By Shelby Morrison

If you have recently visited a McDonald’s restaurant in Ontario, you may have noticed some advancements and changes. Nearly 200 restaurants in Ontario now present guests with self-order kiosks, build-your-own burger options, Guest Experience Leaders, table service and delicious new McCafe products. McDonald’s has made these changes to modernize customer experience while keeping up with the times and technology. Ontario is the first province in Canada to roll this out.

Walking into a McDonald’s restaurant without having to wait in line may seem like a crazy but amazing concept. This is now the case at participating locations. You can place your order at a kiosk using a computerized system that allows you to pay with a debit, credit or gift card. The kiosks are meant to speed up the process and allow for a more modern approach that customers are looking for. If this is not for you, or if you are using cash to pay, ordering at the front counter is still an option.

With the new customized burger option, customers are able to choose from a variety of toppings, cheeses, buns and sauces for the perfect burger they are craving. McDonald’s is interested in making sure they stay up to date with customers’ needs and wants, and customization options are very popular right now.

McDonald’s Canada also plans to create more than 2,700 new jobs in Ontario. Guest Experience Leaders will be on staff to greet and engage with customers while ensuring a positive experience. Table service allows guests to have a seat while waiting for their food, which will be delivered by a newly-hired wait staff member.

With all these positive changes at McDonald’s, your experience, as well as your food, will be enhanced. Visiting a participating McDonald’s location throughout Ontario will ensure that you are treated well and get your food in a timely, efficient manner.

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