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Meal Ticket Brands looking for ghost kitchen partners

BC-based hospitality company The Joseph Richard Group (JRG) is looking for Canadian restaurants and commercial kitchens to partner with them and expand their ghost kitchen venture, Meal Ticket Brands.

Meal Ticket Brands is described as part of the next generation of virtual restaurants originally founded and launched by JRG, a Canadian-based hospitality group. It already has more than 100 unique brand locations with partners including Sweet Tooth Desserts, known for serving The Cheesecake Factory Bakery’s products.

Until recently, a press release notes, the JRG brand has been using a combination of its own resources and third-party delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, and DoorDash to grow the Meal Ticket Brands across the province. However, it is now looking to support other restaurant groups that may be struggling as a result of the impacts of the pandemic.

Meal Ticket Brands is looking for established restaurateurs and professional operators to form strategic partnerships, including a program that includes Meal Ticket Brand menus, recipes, training, branding, marketing, promotions, and technology. This integration helps kitchen partners curate brands that are the right fit for their team and their kitchen, and the company handles all aspects of its partners’ transition.

The release notes that while restaurants typically lose 20 per cent of their profit when partnering with third-party delivery services for existing menus, introducing a new stream of revenue using ghost kitchens is less impactful to pre-existing revenue and means less time and money is spent on the operating process. Each brand offered by meal Ticket Brands is placed on multiple digital platforms that restaurants can use to reach diverse customers and increase their incremental revenue potential.

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Image: Meal Ticket Brands