takeout box

Modern food delivery requires modern food packaging

With takeout and delivery so popular and so many restaurants competing for attention, food packaging counts. Studies show that 72 per cent of consumers are influenced by a product’s packaging when deciding whether to buy, so your takeout and delivery packaging could be an important sales tool for your restaurant.

Here’s a look at some of the year’s biggest food packaging trends and how they could help your restaurant get attention:


Recent data suggests that 85 per cent of consumers say that they have shifted their buying habits towards sustainability, with 68 per cent more likely to buy something packaged in cardboard over plastic. This is an opportunity to give the people what they want. By limiting excess packaging and making it look more appealing to the masses, you’ll nail the more basic approach to your takeout and delivery boxes.


Customers are looking to feel special, even when they order from a restaurant. Look for ways to personalize your packaging. In a study conducted earlier this year, 98 per cent of marketers agree that personalization helps advance customer relationships. Consider adding their name to a logo’d sticker, including a special message on the box, or doing something special for your regulars. Make a connection with them so that they think of your restaurant the next time they’re ordering dinner out.

Smart packaging

Interactivity, or smart packaging, can be a powerful tool for building your brand. You can use your packaging to direct customers to interact with your website, include QR codes to enter a draw, or try any other ideas you have. And the best part? With the added tech, you can track customer traffic, measure promotion participation, and analyze metrics. With smart packaging, you get customers interacting with your restaurant, and you get the data to get to know them better.  

If you haven’t yet perfected your packaging, now’s the time. You can use these trends to connect with your customers, build your brand, and simply track your restaurant’s successes.