Moosemeat & Marmalade season two dishes up epic food adventure

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The hotly anticipated season premiere of Moosemeat & Marmalade season two airs September 7th on the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN). Season two takes co-hosts Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes around the globe exploring new realms of adventure — both in the kitchen and in the wild.

“Season two brings all of the qualities of the first season — the raw and rugged moments, the dynamic chemistry of the hosts, and the topics and food explored — to a whole new level of cooking entertainment and artistic production,” explains Mike Wavrecan, Producer, Mooswa Films. “We know fan expectations are sky high, and can’t wait to serve them up the next level of food entertainment.”

“Though they remain essentially diametrically opposed personalities, Art and Dan have learnt to ‘rub along’ together — and while they greatly enjoy some fun at each other’s expense, they are totally in sync in their passion for sustainable and healthy food harvesting and production,” adds Executive Producer, Hilary Pryor.

Moosemeat & Marmalade show synopsis:

In season two, audiences see Art and Dan travel from BC to Ontario and over to England and Scotland, where the chefs explore a host of classic and not-so-classic cuisines while cooking with guests including the acclaimed UK game hunter Mike Robinson and the eccentric wild rice farmer James Whetung from Northern Ontario. We see the duo venture into some extreme food tastings (singed Porcupine, anyone?) while investigating seaweed farming, and diving for the world’s best scallops off the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

While season one saw Art and Dan discovering each other’s culinary philosophies and expertise, season two sees the duo explore their different cultures collaboratively, in rich and diverse ways. Together they investigate what sustainability and food production look like in a modern world, while foraging for food in every country and city they visit.

Meet the co-stars:

Leo-nominated Art Napoleon has been seen on a wide variety of popular programs including Zed TV, Dead Dog Comedy, CBC, All Points West, and the New Canoe, to name a few. As an acclaimed First Nations Bush cook, Art’s vast expertise as a hunter and outdoors cook, his spiritual passion for food sustainability and his unparalleled knowledge of indigenous plants and wildlife can be seen in every dish he creates.

Chef Dan Hayes is the chef and owner of The London Chef, a dynamic and interactive cooking school, pantry and catering kitchen located in Victoria, BC. Dan has been in the kitchen for over 15 years working with some of Europe’s most revered seafood chefs including Rick Stein, Mitch Tonks and Peter Rossiglioni. Having worked as a food stylist, cooking instructor, and corporate chef, he brings to this show a wealth of classical training, food passion and technical expertise.

Show highlights

  • Each week, audiences will get an insider look at some of the world’s most noted experts sharing their expertise around distilling, trapping, foraging, ice fishing and more.
  • Recipes from each episode will be posted online for viewers to print and make at home.
  • Online audiences can participate in a parallel interactive experience, giving them access to the personal lives and history of the co-hosts, and the ability to interact with Art & Dan like never before.
  • A free interactive e-book (iPad only) offers exclusive additional content and technical step-by-step tutorials for some of the chefs’ favourite dishes from the show:

On social media, viewers can participate in numerous contest giveaways including:

  • A chance to win an exclusive getaway to Canada’s only 4.5 star First Nation’s resort, Spirit Ridge in the beautiful Okanagan.
  • A chance to win a rustic cabin getaway to Mile High Resort, nestled lakeside on Face Lake just outside of Kamloops, British Columbia.

Moosemeat & Marmalade season two premieres September 7 — check your local listings.

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