Most popular burgers and top 10 cheeses on Canadian menus

Trending toward “better burgers”
By Laura McGuire
October 26, 2011

Most popular burgers on Canadian menus

Specialty burgers top the list of Canada’s most popular burgers, according to MenuMonitor data. As Canadians continue to demand “better burgers,” restaurant operators must continually innovate in burger offerings. Specialty burgers allow operators room to differentiate their burger offerings from those of competitors with new flavour combinations. Eggspectation offers a Mango Burger – grilled beef topped with slices of mango, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with a honey-orange mustard sauce.

Non-beef burger options are also gaining prevalence on menus. As consumers become more health-conscious, operators are offering more healthful protein alternatives on burgers. Chicken, fish and garden/veggie burgers all appear among the top 10 most popular burgers.

Sliders have maintained their popularity on Canadian menus. More and more operators are developing menus to include trendy sliders, or mini burgers, to cater to demand among younger consumers. The smaller portion size of these burgers is the driving force behind consumer interest, providing part of the fun factor of ordering sliders. Sliders are often offered as a mix-and-match option, thus providing patrons with the power to customize their meal.

Most popular burgers on Canadian menus
Top cheeses found on Canadian burgers

Cheddar overwhelmingly tops the list as the most popular cheese on burgers. Cheddar is the most widely made cheese in the world. It can range from mild to extra-sharp depending on the length of time the cheese has ripened. This broad flavour spectrum allows for cheddar to complement a variety of burgers. Cheddar cheese can appear atop a variety of proteins, from traditional beef to chicken to veggie patties. The flavour profile of cheddar also supports a wide variety of additional burger toppings, from bacon to jalapeños to guacamole.

Mozzarella, a mild cheese from southern Italy, ranks as the second most popular burger cheese, appearing on 42 Canadian menus. The mild flavour of mozzarella adapts to a wide variety of burgers.

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