Lightspeed Restaurant

New Lightspeed Restaurant platform launches in North America

Lightspeed Restaurant, a unified hospitality commerce and point-of-sale (POS) platform, has launched in Canada and the United States as a new solution for foodservice operations.

Recognizing that indoor dining traffic is resurgent amid fundamentally altered conditions and business needs, Montreal-founded Lightspeed has collaborated with the likes of Upserve, Gastrofix, Kounta, and iKentoo to offer a product it says will “simplify processes and enable merchants to build thriving businesses for the future”.

“After years of strategically bringing together the best talent and technology in the hospitality industry, we’re excited to bring this long-awaited solution to the United States and Canada after a successful launch in Europe last quarter,” said Peter Dougherty, GM, Hospitality, Lightspeed.

“Digital adoption has been an important lifeline for restaurants and it’s clear there are greater efficiencies to be realized with new technology. Lightspeed Restaurant was built to meet these challenges by putting new data into the hands of independent restaurateurs to help them make smarter decisions about their business.”

Lightspeed Restaurant, which brings together an innovative POS, contactless integrated payments, online ordering, advanced inventory, and analytics, is now available in North America in a phased rollout to select restaurants after launching in Europe this summer.

Lightspeed Restaurant tells operators what brings their customers back, who their best servers are and why, and makes them feel like they’re on the floor every day. It also offers daily email breakdowns for operations, reservations, and shift management; the ability to track and automate inventory; simple training and hiring; and a fully contactless ordering and payment integration.

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Those tools reflect the fact that information and data on sales, customer loyalty, demographics, and other key metrics has never been more crucial to a restaurant’s future. A recent Lightspeed and OnePoll study found that 87 per cent of hospitality merchants credit the adoption of technology for their survival, and 51 per cent of Canadian restaurant operators plan to utilize automation technology over the next two to three years.