Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Refreshing beverage menus with smoothies and juice
Although smoothies and juices are typically associated with summer, these non-alcoholic options are beginning to carve out a significant place on beverage menus year-round.


Conventional coffee most common on Canadian menus
The top type of coffee drink on Canadian menus is conventional coffee and/or filter coffee, according to MenuMonitor data. Although specialty coffees have grown more popular in recent years, most…


Consumers soak up the latest offerings in water beverages
When it comes to enjoying a family-friendly beverage with a meal, Canadians have long favoured traditional choices such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices. But there are…


Customization is key when selecting coffee brewing equipment
Canadian consumers continue to demand a wide range of food and beverage options. Changing demographics and knowledgeable, quality conscious consumers provide…

Herbal heaven: The other cup of tea
Tea has enjoyed much attention over the last few years and most of this rising popularity has been contributed to green and black teas. However, there are many tasty concoctions…

Tea aficionados welcome the new tea revolution
Tea may be picking up steam – no pun intended – but that steam now comes in many liquid as well as solid applications. Chefs and mixologists are finding creative…

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