Nourish Food Marketing releases third annual food industry trend report for 2019

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Nourish Food MarketingCanada’s only full-service marketing agency working exclusively with food, beverage, and agricultural clients, just launched its third annual Trend Report. The 2019 Nourish Trend Report focuses on shifts in the marketplace and explores the causes of these shifts.

The Toronto-headquartered agency has examined nine trends everyone in the food industry must consider in order to understand where the market is headed. With a breadth of clients from smaller GTA-based start-ups to international brands, Nourish Food Marketing has access to provide deeper insight into every facet of the food industry.

“Trends have staying power; they influence consumer behaviour and are likely to evolve, adapt, and join the mainstream rather than disappear,” says president Jo-Ann McArthur. “On the other side, we see many fads come and go. These will quickly rise to prominence and just as quickly vanish when they’re found to lack substance.”

The 2019 Nourish Trend Report includes the following:

  • Shift From Mindful to Virtuous Consumption
  • Shift From the Rise of Plant-based Products to the Rise of the Conscious
  • Carnivore and Ethical Protein
  • Shift From Diets to Selective Eating
  • Food & Mood – Shift from Physical to Emotional Well-being
  • Shift From Heart Health to Gut Health – The Rise of the Human Microbiome
  • Shift to Blended Meals and Blended Shopping
  • Shift from Millennials to Generation Z
  • The Shift from Truth to Trust

This year’s Trend Report also includes a bonus look into Canada’s Agri-food Industry, both domestically and internationally. Working together as the Nourish Network, Nourish Food Marketing has been partnered with Guelph-based Kahntact since 2016.

The partnership with the agri-marketing specialist brings decades of experience to help companies communicate with Canadian farmers and other industry stakeholders, and allows the Nourish Network to offer a fully integrated “Field to Fork” approach to marketing and communication services.

“Production, trade and export of Canadian agri-food goods and services are essential to the health of Canada’s economy,” says Kahntact president Len Kahn. “Whether you’re a farmer,  input supplier, wholesaler, distributor or retailer, there are new questions and challenges arising all the time; it’s an extremely dynamic market space. We keep a pulse on the deals that are being made, and how emerging trends are shifting the way we do business in the agriculture sector domestically and abroad.”

Agri-food trends included in the 2019 report cover:

  • Shifts in Canada’s International Agri-food Industry
  • The Shift to Precision Agriculture
  • The Shift in Public Trust of Canadian Agriculture

The 2019 Nourish Trend Report is online now. To read the full Report, click here.

About Nourish Food Marketing

Nourish Food Marketing is Canada’s only full-service marketing agency exclusively working with clients in the food and beverage industry, with offices in TorontoMontreal and Guelph.

About Kahntact

Kahntact is a full-service marketing communications firm specializing in agri‐food, animal health and life sciences. Based in Guelph, we offer a unique structure and approach, with a hub of experienced marketing and communications professionals and an outstanding roster of freelance partners.

SOURCE Nourish Marketing Inc.

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