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  • To lease or not to lease to a restaurant franchisee?

    March 31, 2016
    To lease or not to lease? That is the question By Chad Finkelstein October 2, 2012 When it comes to placing a franchisee at a particular location, franchisors generally have two options – be the tenant or don’t be the tenant. One of the most common lease arrangements in franchise relationships is where the franchisor negotiates a lease for ...
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  • How to handle online complaints

    January 20, 2016
    In the hospitality industry, above all else, it is the experience that is sold. Those experiences may come in the form of dining, hotel stays or retail purchases. Long after a meal is finished, the major takeaway is the experience.  Positive guest experiences are the number one driver of new business in the form of ...
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  • Seven rules to successfully open a restaurant

    November 23, 2015
    By Diane Chiasson Opening a new restaurant from scratch is a lot more complicated than you think.  My parents had a restaurant together and later on, my mother opened a small bakery. From my years of helping hundreds of operators successfully start, different types of foodservice operations, and for those who are thinking of opening a ...
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  • Secrets to Success

    April 17, 2015
    Secrets of success: 10 key factors for running a profitable restaurant By Geoff Wilson and Jeff Dover, fsSTRATEGY Inc. Leave a comment Tracking 2,500 restaurants over a three-year period, an Ohio State Univer sity professor concluded that 25 per cent of restaurant startups failed within the first year, and 60 per cent of restaurant start-ups failed over ...
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  • What do you mean your restaurant doesn’t have a shareholders’ agreement?

    April 9, 2015
    By Chad Finkelstein April 9, 2015 Running a restaurant is hard work. Granted, I have zero experience operating a restaurant, but a lot of my clients do, and as a lawyer to companies operating in the foodservice industry I know how much blood, sweat and tears restaurant owners pour into their businesses day in and day out, ...
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  • Succession planning for restaurant owners

    March 16, 2015
    RM: Grano was created as a cultural expression as much as a culinary and commercial enterprise. It was an attempt, unconsciously, by (my wife) Lucia and I, to address the disconnect between the Italy of post-WW II immigration and that of contemporary Italy which benefitted by an economic boom and modernization. It seems fitting, then, ...
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  • Measuring the right figures to ensure your restaurant’s success in 2014

    July 24, 2014
    Leading indicators: Measuring the right figures to ensure your restaurant’s success By Matt Rolfe July 21, 2014 With 2014 in full swing, new trends are swirling in the restaurant industry and starting to build momentum. Some will deliver strong success to operators in 2014. The key is determining which trends to implement into your business and what kind ...
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  • Why your restaurant’s everyday data can be a business asset

    May 7, 2014
    Why your restaurant’s everyday data can be a business asset By Don Gray May 7, 2014 If you have never heard the term “dataculture” and try to find it in the dictionary, I’m afraid you are out of luck – it is a word I created. If you search the internet for “dataculture” you may find websites that ...
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  • Is your Canadian restaurant’s trade-mark protected?

    November 29, 2012
     Seven advantages of having your restaurant’s trade-mark protected By Chad Finkelstein November 29, 2012 You have spent countless hours and dollars developing and operating your restaurant. (Okay, maybe you can count the dollars, but you’d probably prefer not to.) You have invested blood, sweat and tears into creating a place where customers want to eat, revisit and recommend. ...
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  • Seven creative ideas to generate extra income

    September 15, 2011
    By Diane Chiasson As a restaurant or foodservice operator, sales of your food and drink probably generate most, if not all of your income. But there are other ways in which you can generate a bit of extra money by selling your services or your space outside of the usual. Diane Chiasson, FCSI, President of Chiasson Consultants ...
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  • Eight questions to ask before franchising your business

    July 20, 2011
    Eight questions to ask before franchising your business By Chad Finkelstein July 20, 2011 Before taking the plunge into franchising your business, there are a number of questions you should be asking yourself. Taking the time to give these ideas some thought, and even putting pen to paper, is likely to get you to better organize your business ...
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  • Catering from your restaurant

    June 27, 2011
    Catering from your restaurant By Christine Emerson June 27, 2011 Proper planning is key for a successful catering venture You’d like to increase your revenues and utilize the kitchen during slow times, so adding catering services to your business seems like a slam dunk. If history’s most resourceful caterer fed thousands of people with five loaves of bread ...
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  • How to create a business plan for a foodservice business or restaurant

    June 16, 2011
    Six business plan fundamentals for a restaurant or foodservice operation By Jim Mulligan, National Director, Retail Client & Business Strategy, RBC June 16, 2011 Starting any business, especially a foodservice business or restaurant, begins with your dream, your initiative, and your know-how. However, as experienced business owners will tell you, dreams alone won’t guarantee success – it’s how ...
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  • Ingredients for a successful pop-up restaurant

    June 13, 2011
    Nine ingredients for a successful pop-up restaurant By Jordan Knox June 13, 2011 From European to North American markets, we are seeing a new trend emerging in restaurants. Top chefs like Thomas Keller, Ludo Lefebvre, and Grant Achatz, just to name a few, are pioneering a new pop-up concept that is bound to hit the mainstream restaurant industry ...
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  • Developing the franchise model for your restaurant

    June 8, 2011
    Developing the franchise model for your restaurant By Chad Finkelstein June 8, 2011 As you develop your franchise system, or more specifically the precise model which you intend to build out as a system, there are numerous factors which you need to consider. One relevant consideration will be what your franchise will actually look like. For instance, you ...
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