• The crucial role of loyalty in restaurant operations

    July 3, 2024
    By Jacob Mancini In the fast-paced world of restaurant ownership, success can often feel like navigating a maze. Between regulations, economic shifts, overhead management, food costs, labour and more, it’s a world filled with obstacles and uncertainties. And yet, it is still one of the most attractive industries for entrepreneurs. However, what is under-emphasized in our ...
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  • How employee uniforms can impact your restaurant brand

    June 18, 2024
    In the highly competitive restaurant industry, every element of your establishment plays a role in shaping your brand, image, and customer perception. From the moment that guests walk through your doors, they start forming opinions about your business. The clothes your staff wear can affect customer perception, establish a professional image, enhance brand recognition, and contribute ...
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  • Restaurants in real-time: today’s foodservice industry and where we’re headed

    June 14, 2024
    By Jessica Brill As the foodservice industry progresses on the road to recovery, the post-pandemic landscape continues to challenge a great number of restaurateurs. Inflation, staffing shortages, and government policies threaten the livelihoods of so many hospitality businesses, as many operators work to get back on their feet. Prior to the pandemic, the average monthly restaurant ...
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  • The Spring/Summer issue of CRFN Magazine is now available!

    June 13, 2024
    In the optimistic spirit that often comes with spring and summer, we dive into today’s foodservice challenges and successes in this issue, with a look towards top trends and where we are headed through the remainder of the year. Our Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News examines the industry from menu trends to ...
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  • The hidden challenges of training restaurant staff

    May 29, 2024
    By Madan Kanala Maintaining food standards and regulatory compliance is paramount in the bustling world of restaurants. However, many establishments struggle to achieve consistency and effectiveness despite implementing staff training programs. This often boils down to three critical factors: variations in staffing levels, high employee turnover rates, and language barriers. Variations in staffing levels In a multi-unit restaurant ...
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  • Smart Serve Ontario provides free mental health services to hospitality workers

    May 9, 2024
    Smart Serve Ontario, a registered charity dedicated to responsible liquor sales and service practices, is taking a crucial step towards improving mental health in the hospitality industry with the launch of its new campaign “Smart Serve Cares.” Delivered in partnership with Not 9 to 5, a non-profit that advocates for the mental health of hospitality ...
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  • Is employee theft affecting your business?

    April 18, 2024
    In today’s economy, every dollar counts. With employee theft an ongoing issue, accounting for 75 per cent of restaurant inventory losses, operators need to be mindful of this potential hit to their bottom line. How can you plan ahead, spot theft, mitigate the damage, and avoid being targeted in the future? Restaurant turnover is at an ...
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  • AI is poised to transform the restaurant industry in 2024

    April 5, 2024
    By Daniel Hawes The restaurant and hospitality sectors are in a time of rapid digital transformation due to the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the consumer space.  AI will significantly influence and reshape these sectors, as operators continue to look for ways to streamline restaurant processes and customer interactions, accelerate internal workflows, and provide ...
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  • Planning ahead for patio season

    March 26, 2024
    In the next few months, we will see patios steadily open up as the weather warms up and more people want to enjoy dining outside. The warmer weather brings operators the opportunity to bring in more traffic, create a unique dining space, expand the menu, and become a destination for outdoor dining. But with these ...
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  • Addressing restaurant cancellations and no-shows

    March 20, 2024
    As restaurateurs continue to balance thin margins and staffing shortages, more have begun taking steps to deter diners from last-minute cancellations (or not coming at all) as a way to try and manage their costs. According to studies, 17 per cent of U.S. restaurants charged at least one cancellation fee in January, up four per cent ...
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  • Essential resources for restaurateurs

    March 14, 2024
    By Dawn Castell As restaurant owners navigate the dynamic landscape of the food service industry, access to comprehensive resources is essential for optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving profitability. From streamlining order processing to managing inventory and marketing efforts, leveraging the right tools and support systems can empower restaurant owners to thrive in a competitive ...
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  • Embrace spring at your restaurant

    March 6, 2024
    As winter winds down, it’s time to start planning what spring looks like at your restaurant. With more hours of daylight, warmer weather, and more local, seasonal ingredients available, entice guests to visit to get the most out of spring. Spring cleaning Since the pandemic, studies show that 95 per cent of consumers want as much, if ...
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  • Mental health in the hospitality industry and the need for change

    February 26, 2024
    By Kimberly Flear Hospitality is an industry where the lights never dim, and the energy never fades, filled with people who thrive in the chaos, master the off-hours, live for instant gratification, and dedicate themselves to exceeding the expectations of others. But the truth is, when the shift ends, when the guests have departed, and when the ...
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  • Adjusting your path and your passion in hospitality

    February 2, 2024
    By Jamie Burke The restaurant industry can be all-consuming, and while many spend their lives within hospitality, adjusting your path to continue to fulfil that passion is a real and attainable goal.  “Si t’arrête de suivre ta passion, tu perdras ton âme” “If you stop following your passion, you will lose your soul” Mark Marin, originally from the south ...
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  • Keep your restaurant’s top talent with a new approach to company culture

    January 12, 2024
    By Matt Parkin In the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant industry, one thing has remained constant – the importance of a strong workplace culture. As we look into the future, it’s crucial for restaurant owners and managers to understand that the old ways of retaining staff, like the occasional pizza party, just won’t cut it anymore. ...
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