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Oysters: The perfect ocean delicacy for your menu

By Sal Battaglia

Oysters have been a staple for restaurants in major cities across Canada for many years. But with the delicious mollusc on trend right now, it’s a menu item that almost any restaurant can serve.

Whether it’s a “buck-a-shuck” or pairing the oyster with the proper wine, vodka or whiskey, being in Canada, there are many options to choose from which can work at any level of restaurant. The interesting and little known fact is that Canada actually has one of the largest selections of oysters available in the world.

Not only are our East and West coast oysters considered among the best in the world, Canada also has many trade agreements in place with the USA, Europe and New Zealand to import and export them. Not even the United States has the agreements in place as Canada does. Whether it’s a West Mersea Rock Oyster from England or a Kaipara Oyster from New Zealand, so many of these oysters are only available in Canada when it comes to trying them in North America.

In addition to be being very popular right now, the best thing about oysters is that each region and area produces a different taste, shape and colour. Whether it’s a salty, cucumber taste or a briny, sweet and fruitful flavour, oysters are very similar to wine in that the various regions can produce a unique offering.  Plus, you can take part in conserving our oceans since oysters are widely considered a great sustainable seafood option!  All farmed oysters around the world have some of the best practices in place for cultivating them and they are considered Ocean Wise-recommended and Green SeaChoice ranked.

By adding oysters to your menu, you can add a tasty ocean delicacy that is relatively easy to handle.  Since the oysters are indeed alive when you receive them, all you need to do is keep them refrigerated at 1 to 4C and then shuck away as they are ordered. Selling them by the piece or in groups can yield a nice profit without any additional expenses.

For more information on oyster availability in your city, contact your local fish monger today!

About the author:

Sal Battaglia, VP Sales and Marketing, is proud to help lead Seacore Seafood in a sustainable future in managing one of the industry’s leading companies and also having a seat on the board of directors at Sea Pact – a sustainable seafood alliance.  For more information visit www.seacore.ca.

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