Partnering up for more restaurant profits

More and more operators are seeing value in creating co-campaigns to raise revenues, reach a broader audience, and add creativity to their menus.

Brand campaigns

The industry is seeing partnerships among chains emerge more commonly to add value and variety for their customers. Recently, Wendy’s added the Cinnabon pull-apart to their breakfast menu, adding a sweet element from a respected partner. Similarly, McDonalds has just partnered up with Krispy Kreme to offer three types of donuts in the U.S., following the trend of broadening the menu with companies who are already respected in that space.

But this is not just for QSRs or major chains. Restaurateurs can look to partner up with local breweries, bakeries, and beyond to offer their guests a unique experience and create something unique to stand out.

Personality partnerships

While QSRs like Dunkin’ Donuts are partnering up with Ben Affleck, international celebrities are not the only option. Local celebrities or online influencers are also a great way to get attention for your restaurant. By partnering up with someone who is already respected, you gain credibility with their audience right away and you can leverage the customers already established by that brand.

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If you are looking for an influencer, take the time to follow a few, checking out their content and engagement to ensure it’s what you’re looking for.

Get creative with your campaigns! Create a dish or beverage that features the celebrity, have them host an event, or promote something special. Partnering with a celebrity or influencer can attract a whole new audience, as you embark on a fresh marketing strategy for your restaurant.

Community collaborations

Are you interested in getting charitable and making a difference in your community? Consider choosing a charity – or two – and helping them get ahead. This could look like a portion of your sales going to the cause on certain days, a dish dedicated to the charity, hosting a fundraiser, collecting canned goods, or anything else that resonates with you. This partnership is a win-win, as you help draw attention to a great cause and make a difference within your community. This is a great time to collaborate with your neighbouring businesses, too, cross-market and get as many people through your doors as possible.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavour. Get more attention for your business by partnering up, reaching new potential customers, and broadening your target market.