Pita Pit Canada launches exclusive Chicken Shawarma pita nationwide

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Extensive research and development results in unique flavor combination worth the wait

After months of extensive development and testing to hone in on the perfect tastes, Pita Pit Canada, the fresh thinking, healthy eating brand founded in Ontario, is thrilled to add a new flavor profile to its lineup of signature grilled pitas: the Chicken Shawarma. The new addition, which is gluten free, continues the brand’s legacy, perfected over the last two decades across Canada, of offering unique and delicious grilled options not found anywhere else in the QSR segment.

“The launch of this pita has been a long time coming,” said Kevin Pressburger, Pita Pit Canada’s president. “It not only adds an amazing new taste to our menu, but it also opens the door to members of Canada’s growing Halal community at the same time. There’s no doubt that this is an innovative step forward for the Pita Pit Canada brand. We’re 100 per cent committed to adhering to proper Halal standards in order to make this pita authentic for our customers in every single one of our stores. And in true Pita Pit fashion, we’re refusing to settle for anything less than the best possible ingredients and taste.”

The zesty new offering, developed by Pita Pit in partnership with Mina Halal, also conforms to the highest Halal standards, while simultaneously staying true to the unparalleled fresh grilled flavors that made Pita Pit famous. To adhere to strict Muslim standards, the restaurant will cook its Chicken Shawarma separately in the microwave, and store it away from other proteins. The brand will also ensure wax paper is used on its white boards while preparing the pita to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, with employees changing their gloves before starting each Halal order. Guests ordering the new Chicken Shawarma may also request that their vegetable toppings be pulled from under the front station, instead of the ones refrigerated on the counter.

Pita Pit worked extensively with Mina Halal to develop and perfect the new Chicken Shawarma recipe. Mina provides consumers with wholesome and high quality products, and strictly adheres to Islamic traditions when processing its products.

“It’s rare for a major franchise concept like Pita Pit to partner with a vendor or supplier in such a detailed and specific way,” said Chris Fountain, CEO of Pita Pit Canada. “That dedication and willingness to go above and beyond just goes to show how seriously we take the authenticity of our tastes. We waited to launch this pita until we knew we got it exactly right, and the flavors our guests will experience now will be well worth the wait.”

Pita Pit’s long-awaited Chicken Shawarma pita officially became available at the brand’s locations across Canada on November 15. The dark meat chicken, marinated in a unique blend of spices, pairs perfectly with Pita Pit’s signature tzatziki sauce, rolled up into a soft pita with freshly chopped toppings, including romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, and hot peppers. Halal Hummus and Donair make for delicious customizable additions to the new Shawarma as well.

“We couldn’t be more excited that the Chicken Shawarma is finally here,” said Fountain. “We’ve worked tirelessly to perfect this recipe for all of our customers, not just those within the Muslim community. We believe this is going to become a very popular, signature taste on Pita Pit’s menu for years to come.”

About Pita Pit

Founded in 1995 in Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University, Pita Pit was a QSR restaurant with a new and unique approach. The goal was to offer quality, healthy, fresh food fast. After seeing great success, franchising began across Canada in 1997 and in 1999, the brand expanded to the United States. With more than 475 stores across North America and an additional 143 stores internationally across 11 countries, Pita Pit connects healthy food with people seeking alternatives to the typical fast food choices. Pita Pit’s motto is “fresh thinking – healthy eating,” and features a menu based on the customer’s choice of grilled meats, fresh vegetables, zesty sauces and a pita rolled into a unique and convenient package. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/pitapitcanada.

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