Pizza-vending machine has arrived to Ontario Shores

Press Release

Food innovation has arrived in Whitby!

On Dec. 9, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences as they welcomed their newest food offering, PizzaForno. A revolutionary automated pizza oven (a.k.a. pizza-vending machine), PizzaForno is located in the Lakeview Cafeteria, and will offer patients, guests and staff freshly baked pizza on demand.

As PizzaForno’s first-ever expansion into a health-care location, PizzaForno will now be the only 24/7 food option at the Centre, serving up fresh, artisanal pizza in under three minutes. At the tap of a digital screen, staff and guests alike will be able to choose from six premium menu offerings, all of which are made fresh by hand, with an authentic Italian approach, using all-natural, locally sourced ingredients.

PizzaForno is proud to partner with Ontario Shores to bring this venture to life. Ontario Shores is a public teaching hospital providing a range of specialized services to those living with complex mental illnesses.

How does it work?

At the tap of a digital screen, pizza lovers select a menu item and pay by tapping their debit, credit card or smartphone on the MONEX pay terminal. When the order is submitted, a robotic arm transfers the fresh pizza from the machine’s refrigerated section to a patented oven, where it is baked in less than three minutes. Once the pizza is perfectly crisp, it is placed in a box and emerges from a slot for the customer to retrieve and enjoy. Each PizzaForno oven holds 70 pizzas, with hand-stretched crusts made of 100-per-cent Italian Caputo flour, fresh, all-natural, locally sourced ingredients and delicious, high-quality cream and tomato sauces.

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