Prepare your restaurant for colder weather

As a restaurateur, you will be well aware that the trials and tribulations never stop. The changing of the seasons through fall and into winter brings a new wave of challenges for you to face as the weather turns colder, air conditioning turns to heating, and different equipment is needed for different purposes.

Ultimately, protecting your bottom line and your business depends on happy diners and continual business operation. If guests aren’t treated to a comfortable and positive experience, they won’t return, and the truth is that your menu and your table service are only part of the puzzle.

Ensuring all of your mechanical equipment is maintained and performing at optimal use is a crucial component of a successful restaurant operation. That’s where Reliance Commercial Solutions comes in, helping you to safeguard the present and the future of your business.

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Keep your customers satisfied and protect your bottom line

As the cold season approaches, customers’ dining experiences begin to shift. When temperatures drop, many diners no longer want a seat on the patio. Instead of seeking refuge from the heat and humidity in an air-conditioned dining room, they want to feel warmth and coziness when they step through your doors.

From October onwards, as you switch from cooling to heating, there’s a fair chance that not everything will work smoothly the first time around. Defective or broken HVAC and heating equipment compromises your customers’ comfort and, ultimately, the experience of your restaurant. Cold kitchens and dining rooms, backdrafts, and doors sticking are the kind of issues that diners will have no desire to see repeated and are a very real threat to your business.

Faulty HVAC equipment in the fall and winter can have serious impacts aside from customer satisfaction, too. If you are noticing spikes in your utility bills, it may be that your equipment is inefficient and costing you money unnecessarily. If your HVAC equipment breaks down, unplanned repairs and downtime can cost you thousands of dollars. These are problems that you simply cannot afford as a foodservice business in today’s business climate, when margins are so thin and the challenges are so numerous.

As a result, understanding the signs that it may be time to repair or replace your furnace can be a major benefit for your business. Whether your furnace or HVAC equipment is older, you are concerned about its condition, or you are simply looking to ensure it’s operating at peak performance, Reliance are the experts so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Prevention and protection to keep you on track

While the prospect of repairing or replacing your HVAC equipment can seem daunting, it is important to keep your furnace in good working order. Don’t wait for something to stop working: preventative maintenance can help identify issues early which could help avoid those costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime. Regular inspections may also help ensure your system is running right when you need it most!

Adhering to a routine preventative maintenance program overseen by HVAC experts such as Reliance is the best way to ensure the long life of your unit, and a comprehensive multi-point inspection is especially important at the start of a new season when heavy use is inevitable. Reliance offers a range of protection and maintenance plans that cover a wide range of repairs and services. Visit the website to find out which one is best for your operation!

In addition, Reliance’s qualified experts can help you assess the age and functionality of your furnace and other HVAC equipment. Newer furnace models can run more efficiently than older units and by upgrading, you may be able to take advantage of increased efficiency and lower your energy bills for considerable savings in the long run.

However, equipment ownership comes with costs and risks, from upfront costs for equipment and installation to the added (and often unexpected) costs associated with ongoing maintenance and repairs. While buying new HVAC equipment for your business can often seem like the obvious choice, there are alternatives available! If you are looking for an alternative, consider renting your HVAC equipment through the Rental Program available with Reliance Commercial Solutions. You will benefit from one predictable monthly bill that covers the costs of the maintenance, service, and repairs.

From reliable maintenance and protection plans to energy savings and rebates, Reliance is here to help you through the change of seasons by offering a no-obligation inspection and assessment. Whatever the age and performance of your HVAC equipment, if you face heating challenges this fall, Reliance can help you get back on track ASAP so staff and guests are comfortable and happy.

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