Redpath Sugar announces new premium sugar line

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Redpath Sugar is excited to launch its new product line, Redpath Collection, just in time for sweater weather and baking season. The Canadian heritage brand’s new product line kicks off with two distinct sugars with plans to add additional unique products in the future.

Redpath Collection sugars are sold in sleek, resealable, stand-up zipper pouches and are available at retailers across the country. The Collection provides a premium experience in terms of flavour, presentation, and craftsmanship.

The Redpath Collection line has launched with two distinct sugars:

Organic Granulated Sugar: This sugar is crafted from sugarcane grown on sun-drenched farms committed to sustainable agriculture. It has a delicate taste and can be used wherever you currently use granulated sugar, including in beverages such as tea and coffee, baking, and sprinkled on hot cereals. It’s the perfect sugar for anyone who prefers to choose organic products.

Simply Raw Turbinado Sugar: The distinctive golden crystals of this sugar form as the sugarcane juices evaporate. It provides a delicious mellow caramel flavour to hot beverages, and a pleasing crunch as a topping on baked goods and yogurts. Coffee aficionados looking to duplicate the café experience at home will especially love this sugar.

“We want Canadians to enjoy their sugar experiences,” said Nancy Gavin, brand development manager at Redpath Sugar. “There is something so memorable about connecting your special moments and unique experiences with what’s on your table, and the new Redpath Collection line inspires people to do just that.”

To celebrate the launch of the brand’s new premium sugar line, Redpath is giving Canadians the opportunity to win a unique prize pack consisting of a premium espresso maker and a package of each of the two sugars. Fans of the brand can enter at

Accompanying the launch is a series of recipes expertly created to take advantage of the unique properties of each sugar. The recipes are designed to turn even the most ordinary events into something special and to create treasured moments remembered for years to come. The recipes range from beverages to baked goods and include a unique Moroccan Mint Tea with Rose and a stunning Hibiscus White Wine “Celebration” Cake. Full recipes are available on the Redpath website at

About Redpath Sugar

For over 160 years, Redpath Sugar has been crafting sugar in Canada and is committed to supporting and engaging communities throughout the country.

Redpath Sugar Ltd, which markets and sells sugar products in Canada under the Redpath brand, is a part of ASR Group, the world’s largest refiner of cane sugar.

Redpath Collection is available nationwide at select retailers. For more information, please visit and join the conversation with @RedpathSugar on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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