Restaurant Brands International votes for new board of directors

Press release

At its annual meeting of shareholders held June 10, Restaurant Brands International Inc. announced the results of the vote on the election of its directors.

A total of 380,042,557 eligible votes were made in person or by proxy, representing 81.6 per cent of all eligible votes.

RBI’s proxy circular provided for eleven nominees to the board of directors. The eleven individuals nominated by the board of directors for election as directors of RBI were elected, each to hold office until the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their respective successors are elected or appointed. Each nominee other than Messrs. De Limburg Stirum and Prato was an incumbent director.

The votes cast with respect to each nominee were as follows:

Director NomineeVotes For%Votes Withheld%
Alexandre Behring332,330,26590.2%36,041,3289.8%
João M. Castro-Neves364,907,66899.1%3,463,9250.9%
Maximilien de Limburg Stirum366,621,52899.5%1,750,0650.5%
Paul J. Fribourg350,801,12595.2%17,570,4684.8%
Neil Golden365,355,58199.2%3,016,0120.8%
Ali Hedayat353,476,75396.0%14,894,8404.0%
Golnar Khosrowshahi353,906,93896.1%14,464,6553.9%
Giovanni (John) Prato367,752,77199.8%618,8220.2%
Daniel S. Schwartz365,282,60299.2%3,088,9910.8%
Carlos Alberto Sicupira354,404,62796.2%13,966,9663.8%
Roberto Moses Thompson Motta366,165,21399.4%2,206,3800.6%

SOURCE: Restaurant Brands International Inc.

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