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Concept Watch: Pizza Studio, Chat Bar, Snakes & Lattes

By Lizzy Freier

In the latest edition of restaurant “concepts to watch,” as always, RestoBiz and Technomic highlight three standout restaurant concepts that appeal to Canadian diners.

This month, the focus is on Pizza Studio, Chat Bar, and Snakes & Lattes. Here’s a look at the characteristics and menu offerings that make these restaurants unique.

Pizza Studio

Pizza Studio’s fast-casual pizza offerings and sleek interior set-up
Image Source: Pizza Studio Canada Facebook

Facebook: 41,573 likes | Instagram: 5,523 followers | Twitter: 1,135 followers

Locations: 8 (Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick)

Concept characteristics:

  • Fast-casual pizza offering made-to-order and chef-created pizzas in under three minutes
  • Food court units around 400–600 square feet, traditional units around 1,000–2,000 square feet
  • Party-size pizzas are offered as a catering option
  • Beyond dine-in service, takeout, pickup and delivery are available

Menu snapshot:

  • Pizza crust varieties — traditional, whole grain and flaxseed, firecracker, rosemary and herb and gluten-free
  • Chef-created pizzas — Truffled Mushroom, Backyard BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Skinny Greek, Big Cheese Margherita, and a protein-packed The Beast
  • Beyond pizza options — create-your-own and chef-created salads, chicken wings, and a brownie or cookie dessert

Chat Bar

Chat Bar’s selection of chuan’r (skewers)
Image Source: Chat Bar Facebook

Facebook: 110 likes | Instagram: 1,150 followers

Locations: 3 (Toronto)

Concept characteristics:

  • Offers Chinese “chuan’r culture,” which translates to “the atmosphere of smoke and fire”, relating to the chain’s signature Chinese skewers and lively atmosphere
  • Relaxed, social experience that is ideal for groups
  • Interiors feel like a hybrid of a bar and street food eatery
  • Takeout and delivery are also offered

Menu snapshot:

  • Meat chuan’rs (skewers) — lamb, lamb kidney, pork, chicken skin, chicken heart, wings, beef heart, pork intestines, grilled sausage, beef short ribs and foil-wrapped pork intestine
  • Veggie chuan’rs — enoki mushroom, seaweed, cabbage, lotus roots, okra, cheese corn, Chinese bun, pineapple and banana
  • Chef specials — grilled oysters, grilled lamb chops, grilled quail, charcoal-grilled scallop
  • Grilled seafood — pomfret fish, baked clam with garlic, squid tentacles, whole squid, garfish, garlic grilled shrimp, yellow croaker and salty shrimp

Snakes & Lattes

The unique interior of Snakes & Lattes
Image Source: Snakes & Lattes Facebook

Facebook: 22,273 likes | Instagram: 14,900 followers | Twitter: 8,325 followers

Locations: 5 (Toronto and U.S.)

Concept characteristics:

  • Guests can enjoy foods and drinks as they play board games
  • Stores offer lengthy tables and ample seating, allowing groups of any size to gather and play board games together
  • Locations host a wide variety of events, including trivia nights and board game competitions
  • Offers pickup and third-party delivery

Menu snapshot:

  • A wide variety of coffee and tea drinks are served
  • Other nonalcohol drinks — Italian soda, fountain drinks and mocktails
  • Adult beverages — specialty boozy coffees, cocktails and wine, as well as canned and draft beers
  • Food selection — shareables, such as seasoned popcorn, gummy candies and nachos; handhelds, including sandwiches, wraps and burgers; other entrees, like mac and cheese, bowls and salads; and desserts, such as sundaes, milkshakes and brownies

Concept Watch is based on restaurant and menu trends noted by Technomic Inc.

Lizzy Freier is Senior Managing Editor for Technomic, a Chicago-based foodservice research and consulting firm. Technomic provides clients with the facts, insights and consulting support they need to enhance their business strategies, decisions and results. The company’s services include publications and digital products as well as proprietary studies and ongoing research on all aspects of the food industry, including menu trends.