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Mobile and online ordering and payments will be at the top of the menu

As mobile technology proliferates into the daily routines at every level of society, restaurants are experiencing the impact. Mass adoption of mobile technology is one of the greatest cultural shifts of our times, from mobile communications to mobile and online ordering, mobile payments, and on-the-go mobile search for everything from directions, to political news, to online restaurant reviews and menus.

Restaurant technology leaders surveyed by TouchBistro uniformly agree that through 2017 more operators will themselves implement mobile technology – such as EMV, NFC, acceptance of mobile wallets, and access to online reviews and menus – to deliver the mobile experience customers are adopting.

The restaurant technology leaders also concur that more restaurants will leverage mobile apps to improve ease of both front and back-of-house operations, and provide better business intelligence, to deliver a markedly improved experience for both employees and guests.

To access the full survey, click here.

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TouchBistro is an iPad point of sale (POS) that helps restaurants increase sales, improve the customer experience, and make better business decisions. TouchBistro is used by thousands of foodservice businesses world-wide including full and quick service restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries, and food trucks.

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