Restaurants Canada launches Canadian foodservice’s first metaverse marketplace

The Canadian foodservice industry is entering the metaverse.

Restaurants Canada has partnered with Nextech AR Solutions to develop the first metaverse marketplace for Canada’s foodservice industry.

The 365 Marketplace will be the global destination for food and restaurant professionals looking to connect virtually, says Restaurants Canada, and offers “a unique opportunity” to connect Canadian foodservice and hospitality organizations and professionals with local and international sellers.

The platform will be a hybrid of a virtual event space and an international marketplace, with up to 5,000 virtual vendor profiles serving 30,000+ members. 365 Marketplace aims to be an eCommerce hub, using unique 3D augmented reality technology to showcase products and allowing members to interact at a higher level.

A news release adds that, with the industry ramping back up post-pandemic, the launch will help to fuel the economy by enabling buyers and sellers to seamlessly interact in real-time and globally like never before.

Buyers and sellers will benefit from increased engagement and exposure through the platform, with access to a consolidated directory of goods and service providers, unique marketing and advertising opportunities, the ability to host events and more.

Companies can connect globally using the platform’s messaging and virtual meeting features, as well as take advantage of live-streaming capabilities, launch new and exclusive products and encourage information sharing and education through on-demand video courses and materials.

Augmenting the move into the metaverse, the association has also announced an exciting content partnership with leading trend research platform Trend Hunter, which will give access to valuable insights, and research for the industry.

In partnering with Trend Hunter, the platform will also host the first “Innovator Exchange”, a program that brings together a select group of industry thought leaders to tackle the biggest issues impacting foodservice in Canada, highlight global trends, and provide tangible takeaways “that will enable these leaders to create a positive and lasting impact on the restaurant industry”.

The 365 Marketplace will officially launch at RC Show 2022 next month.

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