RC Show 2024

Restaurants Canada unveils bar and beverage lineup for RC Show 2024

Canada’s Leading hospitality and foodservice expo announces amazing beverage offerings featuring renowned industry leaders, thrilling competitions, a unique Pop Up Experience, immersive workshops, events and much more. Bringing together creative solutions and techniques from global bar experts as part of this year’s LEVEL UP theme, RC Show 2024, Canada’s leading hospitality and foodservice expo is shaking things up at Toronto’s Enercare Centre from April 8-10.

 Here’s what RC Show 2024 has in store this year:

Noteworthy leaders take the stage

RC Show presents a lineup of some of the leading industry experts to discuss the latest bar research and consumer data, the future of spirits and beer, and the evolving role of bartenders and sommeliers. Speakers and panelists include:

Andre Hueston Mack, bar keynote speaker, recently proclaimed ‘one of wine’s most inspiring people’, is a true wine Renaissance Man. After leaving the corporate world and working his way to Head Sommelier at Chef Thomas Keller’s 3 Michelin-starred Per Se restaurant before once again making a radical change and founding Mouton Noir Wines (now Maison Noir).

Michael Tremblay, Founder and SSC Instructor, Sake Scholar and Nancy Matsumoto, author of the James Beard Award-winning book Rice Water, Earth: Exploring the World of Japanese Craft Sake, present an overview of the basics of sake: what it is, how it is made, and how to serve and drink it, as well as the back story on how the book went from an idea to a published reality.

Scaling of Bar Concepts includes panelists Chantelle Gabino, Beverage Manager, Recipe Unlimited, Robin Goodfellow, Owner, Vela & Little Bones Beverage, and Brian James, CEO, Warm Welcome will discuss how growing beyond a single location can be more than a daydream. From changes in décor to tweaks in your bar program, if you’re thinking about expansion, this panel is for you.


Beyond the Rail Competition at the Bar and Beverage Stage on April 8 from 3 to 5 p.m. Canada’s top bartenders will pair up in teams to be tested on their creativity, bartending skills, and scaling up craft cocktails for large-scale events and operations without sacrificing service – all for a chance to win $5,000.

Hosted by the Canadian Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association, there will be three national coffee championships this year. Watch some of Canada’s most talented baristas craft masterpieces in the Latte Art Championship, observe true innovators creating unique coffee cocktails in the Coffee in Good Spirits Competition, and join in making history at Canada’s NEW Cezve/Ibrik Competition. The champions of these events will advance to represent Canada at the World Championships in Copenhagen.

Workshops and masterclasses

RC Show Bar & Beverage Ambassadors Christina Veira and Evelyn Chick, are curating sessions and workshops that touch on the state of Canada’s bar and beverage scene. Along with that, programming will also include Aperitivo Hour But Make It All Day, Data, Not Vibes: Building Successful LTOs in Coffee, Dairy Farmers of Canada:

Mocktails & Cheese, Exploring Coffee Versatility: A Masterclass, Sake and the Umami Factor, Elevation without Pretension, Whisky and Cheese, Ontario Cider and Corks & Grooves, The Vinyl Revolution In Bars and more.

A one-stop pop up experience 

Visit RC’s Pop Up Experience where you will taste, learn and connect through intimate hands-on workshops, savour curated sips and bites, and check out the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Inspired by and/ore restaurant’s signature palette and featuring original artwork by artist Tisha Myles of New Love Collective, the Experience features a stunning setup to immerse guests in creativity and innovation. Indulge in alcoholic and non-alcoholic creations by renowned mixologist Abigail Rubiales from and/ore, and taste Molson’s newest brew Madri Exceptional Spanish beer.

There will also be featured Pop-Up Bars, curated by RC Show’s Beverage Ambassadors Veira and Chick, where you can enjoy drinks and find inspiration from Canada’s leading bartenders. They will be presenting their distinctive methods for crafting menus and blending flavours to create delicious cocktails and mocktails. Featured bars from across Canada and the USA include:

  • Clive’s Classic Lounge, Victoria
  • Bar Bello, Montreal
  • Bar Pompette, Toronto
  • Keefer Bar, Vancouver
  • Happy Accidents, Albuquerque
  • Bar Mordecai, Toronto

For more information on RC Show 2024, visit www.rcshow.com.