Restaurants think pink and beyond for 2023 menus

As the holiday season starts to ramp up and the end of 2022 draws nearer, what can restaurants expect to see trending in 2023? From flavours to colours, next year’s menus are expected to focus on comfort foods, fermenting, and all things pink. 

According to Technomic, we can look forward to several new food trends emerging in the coming year.

Get grains

As comfort food continues to dominate consumer demand, grains will star on 2023 menus. Lending themselves to a ton of versatility, restaurants can use flours for innovative ways to recreate the classics like focaccia French toast and English muffin pizzas.

As the global influence grows, bowls will incorporate a variety of grains like freekeh and emmer, while millet and teff will step up as the new gluten-free options of choice.

Pickling and fermenting

With gut health top of mind for many, pickling and fermenting preparations are gaining momentum. Offering bold flavours and the opportunity for innovation, expect to see new things being pickled, from French fries to nuts, as well as finding creative uses for traditional pickled ingredients.    

This trend is even set to affect bar menus, with ingredients like miso, kombucha, and sake taking centre stage in this year’s cocktail offerings.  

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Think pink

Next year’s menus will take on a rosy hue, with pink cocktails, flowers, and new ingredients hitting the scene. Strawberry and raspberry purées are already popular in smoothies and cocktails and dragon fruit has started to make its way into bowls. Pink pineapple is also a new and unique addition, boasting a sweeter flavour than its yellow cousin.

It’s not just about colour, as many of these pink items offer boosted health benefits. Pink ingredients like schisandra berries, most often steeped in teas or cold beverages, are high in antioxidants and are believed to lower stress and fatigue. Other ingredients like cara cara oranges and hibiscus-steeped juice (called bissap) are expected to gain popularity as international flavours add colour to next year’s menus.  

2023 is looking like a health-focused, globally inspired, Instagram-worthy year for restaurant menus.

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