Restobiz story nominated for best industry feature at 2019 COPAs

The Restobiz story “Catfished: Mislabelled seafood is the new normal” was announced as a finalist for best industry feature in the business category at the 2019 Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

“Catfished” examines the prevalence of mislabelled and fraudulent seafood at Canadian restaurants and in the seafood supply chain generally, concluding that traceability requirements are vital toward effectively combating the problem.

Other publications in the category include Affaires universitaires, Canadian CIO, Convenience & Carwash Canada and The Lawyer’s Daily.

Restobiz’s sister website, REMI Network, was also nominated for best website design, while REMI Network editors Barb Carss and Erin Ruddy were nominated for best company feature and best branded content, respectively.

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