seasonal flavours

Sweet and savoury seasonal flavours are trending on restaurant menus

The holidays are right around the corner and many restaurants are already getting into the spirit with LTOs featuring their favourite seasonal flavours. This trend seems to be arriving earlier each year, with large chains kicking off the season as early as October.

With 54 per cent of operators saying that LTOs are a central part of their business, adding seasonal features can be a lucrative endeavour.

Following its early fall menu launch in August, Starbucks recently brought back its holiday red cups and this year’s seasonal menu. The caramel brulée and chestnut praline lattés, and white chocolate mocha are some of the familiar favourites, along with the newly added pistachio chocolate swirl dessert.

Tim Horton’s is getting into the spirit, adding gingerbread and peppermint flavours to everything from lattés to donuts to muffins. They’ve also released holiday merchandise including Christmas ornaments, holiday-themed drinkware, décor, and more.

Some restaurants, like Wendy’s, are introducing brand new items, like replacing the vanilla frosty with a peppermint frosty for the holiday season.

McDonald’s has also launched its festive menu, featuring ginger cookies, a crème brulée donut, and hot drinks like peppermint mocha and peppermint hot chocolate.

On November 25, Krispy Kreme is introducing Santa’s Bake Shop with three new donut flavours (sugar cookie, gingerbread, and red velvet), along with its traditional holiday favourites, Santa belly and chocolate iced with holiday sprinkles. They’ve also added sugar cookie and peppermint lattés to their holiday lineup.  

Even restaurants like Swiss Chalet have embraced the holiday early, recently launching their classic festive special quarter chicken meal. They’ve sweetened the deal this year, adding even more incentive with a $10 cash voucher to be used on your next purchase.

Boston Pizza has also released its seasonal menu items, featuring dishes like the carbonara pizza, and mac and cheese, cocktails like holiday sangria, and the very berry fishbowl. As a special treat, when you order from their holiday menu, you will get a three-pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to enjoy. 

Seasonal flavours allow restaurants the opportunity to attract new clientele, offer something different, and get attention for their business. 85 per cent of consumers say that they will return if they enjoy an LTO, so use this holiday season to stand out from your competition and get more people through your doors.