Seaweed is not just for sushi anymore

By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog
February 24, 2016

As people are starting to eat healthier, new foods are being showcased and eaten for their health properties. Although you may be used to only seeing seaweed in sushi rolls, prepare to be exposed to more uses for it this year. Seaweed is really gaining popularity this year and is being eaten in many ways other than wrapped around rice and fish. This sea vegetable is basically the new kale. You will see it popping up in restaurants and grocery stores everywhere.

Considered a superfood, seaweed is bursting with nutrients such as vitamin C and calcium. It has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to support our bodies and ensure optimal health. It is also high in iodine, which supports the thyroid and helps balance your metabolic rate, gives you energy and is packed with zinc for healthy immunity. Not to mention its high fiber content helps keep you full and prevent overeating.

There are different types of seaweed including nori, kelp and algae, which can be eaten in a variety of ways. Whether crispy and crunchy or soft and fragile, seaweed can be tossed into just about any recipe or eaten alone as a snack or salad.

If you are looking to try a new flavour and ingredient or trying to stay healthy this year, add seaweed into your diet for something different.

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