Shopping streets go virtual, with Streetify

Press Release

  • Major private initiative supports government efforts to save local businesses
  • Streetify startup transforms 5 million stores and every website into branded virtual stores
  • Free app and website also biggest source of cashbacks, voucher codes and coupons in the world
  • All store and restaurant advertising is FREE for 2020

Streetify (, a new global shopping platform, is supporting government efforts around the globe to save local businesses, including restaurants, during coronavirus-related lockdown orders.

In this time of social distancing, brick-and-mortar shop owners are relying on takeaway and curbside delivery purchases, as well as online sales, to survive. On Streetify’s virtual shopping boulevards, business owners can easily put messages in their storefront windows announcing deals, new hours, delivery options, what goods they have in stock, and more — all for free for the year.

Streetify provides virtual stores for every business’ website, replicating the shopping experience but without the risk. Shoppers find out which shops are open, pre-order items for pick-up, or arrange for delivery, all from the safety of their homes. It is available free throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., India, and Australia as a website and free app for both iOS and Android, and will be rolling out elsewhere this year.

“Since launching Streetify last week, we have now transformed over five million local stores and national websites into virtual stores so firms and consumers can respond to the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in,” said founder Martin Banbury. “We hope many businesses and jobs can be saved with this new technology.”

Streetify has the most voucher codes, cashbacks and coupons of any online platform, searching over 50 top sites, like Groupon, Rakuten and Honey, for deals. It puts checked deal site links in store windows, after any store owner’s messages.

With Google and a couple of taps, consumers effortlessly create and organize multiple personalized avenues comprising their favorite stores. Choices can be shared via social media, and shoppers can even follow famous celebrities, buying from their favourite stores and sponsors. To enhance the feeling of realism, Streetify is geo-referenced so at night, the lights come on, and if it’s raining in the real world, it will rain in the Streetify one, and so on.

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