Sirved launches world’s first menu-based search engine

App searches every menu from every restaurant filtered by dish, craving or dietary restriction

Press release

Sirved, the world’s first menu-based search engine, has launched its app that lets you search every menu from every restaurant — filtered by craving, dish, or dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegetarian. The app rolled out on Dec. 5 across Canada, with some US markets already online and more coming soon. The app’s proprietary menu-search technology already indexes a database of more than 100,000 menus, from cool local spots to well-known names.

“We created Sirved because menus shouldn’t be so hard to find — and restaurants definitely shouldn’t have to pay to be listed,” said Jonathan Leslie, Co-founder. “We think that finding what you want, when you want it and without a lot of hassle is an underserved market.”

Sirved is not another ordering app or restaurant review site. The genius of the app is how easily you can find specifics. Whether you want to explore new restaurants in your neighborhood or are travelling and want a restaurant that meets a specific craving or dietary need, the search engine makes it fast and simple to find the perfect restaurant without a lot of clicks. No more guesswork. No more relying upon paid rankings. No more jumping between websites.

“It comes down to simplicity and freedom of choice. When I go to a new city I want to know the restaurants that fit my cravings. I don’t want my options to be limited by someone else’s opinion or ranking engine,” said Kyle Brown, Co-founder of Sirved.

For consumers

Sirved’s discovery capability makes it different: combined with its all-inclusive database of menus, it’s the destination of choice for anyone searching for a specific menu item or looking for a new restaurant to try.

For example: if the consumer searches for “bison burgers,” Sirved will show them which restaurants list this item on the menu, where it is listed on the menu, as well as the restaurant information (distance, address, contact, etc.). Once the consumer decides upon a restaurant, they have the option to:

  • call and place an order;
  • go to the location to dine; or
  • order directly from the Sirved mobile platform

Plus, Sirved’s crowdsourcing feature makes it fun and easy for consumers to update menus or add menus from new restaurants.
Consumers can download the app now at

For restaurants

Sirved exists so that restaurant owners can focus on what they do best but still remain competitive in the world of online discovery and ordering.

The multi-faceted platform includes every restaurant whether they use Sirved’s platform or not. It also provides restaurants with:

  • Easy on-boarding and seamless integration to ordering systems;
  • A competitively-priced credit card processing solution and subscription-based business model;
  • User-friendly customer interface;
  • Analytics and dashboard to track sales performance and industry insights to help restaurant owners understand what consumers are searching for, adjust their inventory and take their business to the next level.

Restaurants can subscribe now for as low as $29/month. To learn more contact Sirved at: 1-844-747-8331 or visit

About Sirved

Founded in 2015, Windsor-based Sirved is the world’s first menu-based search engine, designed to elegantly unite consumers with every menu, from every restaurant, not just those that pay to be discovered. It’s the easiest and most comprehensive discovery app ever created for restaurants and their customers. Every restaurant deserves to be discovered. And now you can.

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