spring cleaning

A spring cleaning checklist for your restaurant

As traffic picks up with the warmer weather, it’s the perfect time for spring cleaning at your restaurant. From sanitization to décor to safety, give your restaurant the attention it needs to get it spring and summer-ready.

Front of house

  • Start with the first thing people see, your entranceway and your mats. Give your floors a deep clean to rid them of any salt and sand from the winter and remove or refresh any matting you have installed.
  • Do a more thorough clean that you may be used to throughout the dining area, moving host stands, wiping down light fixtures, cleaning condiment containers, exit signs, high chairs, and more. Tackle every inch of the dining area until it shines.
  • Your windows can get very dirty during the winter but let that spring sunshine in! Pick a warmer day to clean the windows inside and out to give them a chance to dry before nightfall.
  • Give your restaurant a new spring look by embracing this year’s top design trends. Add greenery, fresh flowers, and include neutral shades for a natural approach.
  • Deep clean your washrooms, taking the time to re-stock cleaning products, manage inventories, and confirm that any technology like sensors is working efficiently.
  • Don’t forget your patio – soon to be in use! Take furniture out of storage, wipe down chairs, clean cushions, make repairs, and get ready to set up as soon as the weather warms.

Back of house

Even though guests can’t see the kitchen, give it some spring attention, too.

  • Reassert your efforts to make your restaurant pest-free by re-sealing any potential openings, ensuring that food is securely contained, and disinfecting and securing your garbage bins.
  • Clean the walls behind your equipment to remove any accumulated splatter.
  • Clean your hood system, removing any grease build-up that is unsanitary, unsightly, and a potential fire risk. Clean out your grease traps as part of this job.
  • Give your equipment a seasonal deep clean for better performance and a better life span, including fryers, stoves, ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, grills, and more.

Give your restaurant a spring refresh to get guests excited, invigorate staff, boost cleanliness, and prepare for a busy season!