Spring items are arriving on LTO menus

Spring has almost sprung and some QSRs are getting a jump on launching their newest menus to celebrate the season’s arrival early. LTOs are a reliable way for restaurants to generate traffic and interest while experimenting with new flavours and dishes. Studies show that 91 per cent of people are more inclined to visit a restaurant with new items on the menu, so it’s worth considering offering an LTO menu that creates a sense of urgency, tests out new flavours, and gets people talking about your menu.

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Dunkin’ Donuts has launched its spring menu, adding a whole new beverage category. Along with the Sparkd’ energy drinks in berry burst and spring sunshine, the menu features the Churro Signature Latte and Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee, and a Breakfast Empanada and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread as two new to-go items.

Subway’s Footlong Cookie has recently arrived on Canadian menus and is available across the country for a limited time.  Along with the cookie, select locations have added the Auntie Anne’s footlong pretzel and the Cinnabon footlong churro to their spring lineup.

Wendy’s also partnered with Cinnabon, sweetening their breakfast menu with the new Cinnabon Pull-apart. Now available in the U.S., the new item arrives in Canada on March 18, complementing the cinnamon toast sticks launched in 2022. Wendy’s has also re-released the Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich, bringing back a favourite menu item this spring.

Tim Horton’s new seasonal selections include an Easter Egg Donut, an Easter Spring Donut, and a Berry Cherry Refresher. They have also introduced a new Nutella-inspired lineup including iced capps and lattes, as well as a croissant filled with Nutella and whipped sweet cream.

A&W has spiced up their spring menu with their Spicy Piri Piri Buddies, available in beef, potato, and chicken varieties. These items are offered for $3.99 and are available for a limited time only this season.

Studies show that 85 per cent of customers will come back again if they enjoy an LTO and 75 per cent will tell their friends, so adding menu items is a great way to get people talking. With spring right around the corner, some QSR chains are seeing value in freshening up their menus early with seasonal LTOs that can help attract attention and get more people through the doors.

Photo courtesy of Subway.