Spring’s swicy trend hits beverage menus

This season’s “swicy” trend, a mashup of sweet and spicy flavours is making its way onto beverage menus. According to research, the pairing of sweet and spicy flavours is up 38 per cent from last year on menus, with hot and honey flavours added to everything from chicken wings to burgers to beverages.

Recently, Starbucks released a new lineup of Spicy Lemonade Refreshers and Spicy Cold Cream Foam drinks to their spring menu for a limited time only. The refreshers are featured in three spicy flavours: dragon fruit, strawberry, and pineapple, bringing together the classic lemonade refreshers with a twist of chili powder blend. The Spicy Cold Cream beverages can be customized for any of the cold brews or hot beverages on the menu.

Another coffee chain, Second Cup is getting in on the swicy trend, adding its own lineup of unique beverages to the spring and summer menu. The Spicy Pineapple Spritzer promises a sweet and tart blend of citrus and heat, delivering a bold effervescent experience, while the Spicy Pineapple Caruba Infuser features Caruba (a tropical fruit originating in South America), Redbull, and a hint of heat, served over ice.

As global flavours continue to be featured on menus, experts predict that swicy flavours will also dominate alcoholic and mocktail menus this year, too with sweet with heat options like jalapeño margaritas and mango habaneros, as well as incorporating tropical flavours like dragon fruit and pineapple with some spice.

The swicy trend (on the plate or in the glass) offers guests a unique combination of flavours, social media content, and a reason to visit the restaurant and try something new. In today’s competitive landscape, more and more restaurants will be getting creative to attract attention and boost traffic.  Getting in on the swicy trend may one way the operators can capitalize on diner demand for a fresh approach this year.

Image credit Food Network of Canada