St-Hubert Group joins the Cara family

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Current St-Hubert Group management team will continue to manage operations

The managements of St-Hubert Group and Cara today announced the signing of an agreement which will make Cara the owner of St-Hubert Group.

St-Hubert Group owns the St-Hubert Rotisserie chain, with 120 restaurants, primarily in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, as well as St-Hubert Retail, the agrifood division that produces and distributes several food products in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. Cara manages a number of restaurant chains in Quebec and across Canada, including Swiss Chalet, Milestones and Harvey’s.

“The two companies share similar management philosophy and fundamental values,” said Jean-Pierre Léger, chairman and CEO of St-Hubert Group. “This alliance, which will ensure St-Hubert Group’s sound development, opens up excellent future prospects for our employees. It also provides them with more career opportunities by creating jobs in Quebec, since it will enable us to carry out major expansions of our food manufacturing facilities and sales throughout Canada. Our customers will have access to the broad range of products offered by a national leader.”

The deal announced today will enable both companies to realize their full potential. The current St-Hubert Group management team will continue to oversee operations, ensuring market practices are respected, both for customers and for employees and franchise owners. In addition, St-Hubert will maintain its head office in Quebec.

According to Bill Gregson, Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Cara: “We are excited to participate in the future of St. Hubert, a company that was built by the Léger family with rigor and passion. Our companies share a vision of continued growth in the restaurant sector and also of expanding the company’s retail food segment, which represents the majority of St. Hubert’s revenues. For Cara, this is also an opportunity to solidify a more significant presence in Quebec. Today, we are very proud to be associated with this Quebec jewel and our desire is to propel its growth and influence.”

Mr. Léger said this acquisition will create one of the largest restaurant and food-processing companies in Canada. It is part of a process aimed at ensuring the growth and sustainability of St-Hubert Group, one of Quebec’s most respected restaurant and food-processing companies. He added that he will continue to be available to advise and support existing teams to ensure a smooth transition over the next few months.

About St-Hubert Group

St-Hubert Group has more than 10,000 employees in two divisions: restaurant and food-processing industry. Founded in 1951 in Montreal, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée now has more than 120 rotisseries in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, and serves more than 31 million meals each year. St-Hubert Group also has a Retail division that manufactures and distributes food products, such as sauces, soups, ribs, and pies. The company has a long tradition of innovation and strives constantly to meet the needs of its customers.

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