Staff management doesn’t have to be complicated

In 2021, running employee operations is so much more than just shift scheduling, but solutions like BarSight Restaurant Systems are here to help.

Running a restaurant or other foodservice establishment is very different from a typical 9-5 operation. Even before COVID-19, the scope of responsibilities that operators have to juggle on the staffing side alone can be daunting.

BarSight’s made-in-Canada software is built to work with the unique needs of every foodservice business and offers the flexibility and assistance that standard retail-based scheduling and accounting programs can’t handle.

Simple scheduling

Foodservice operators simply don’t have time to spend hours dealing with spreadsheets and various systems and technologies when it comes to scheduling, particularly not in a post-pandemic environment that is seeing many restaurants forced to throw out the rulebook.

BarSight allows owners and managers to create a schedule quickly and efficiently and in a way that caters to their every need. On average, it takes supervisors just seven minutes to create a new schedule and validate it against employee overtime, time-off requests, and availability.

Users can:

  • Validate their weekly roster against overtime, employee vacation requests, and availability
  • Take advantage of built-in accounting-focused payroll reporting with estimated scheduled costs
  • Activate sales integrations with Square or Clover to automatically generate sales numbers
  • Copy shifts day to day and week to week
  • Print and share schedules and reports

The system works as a free web-app and all employees can be given free access to log in, view schedules, and request changes, time off, shift trades, and more. All requests can be easily approved or contested by managers and operators within the system.

A solution for an evolving world

Foodservice employees often wear many hats, whether it’s servers filling in as bartenders or line cooks stepping up as shift leaders. This is likely to be an increasing trend as the effects of the pandemic continue and many restaurants face increased labour struggles.

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Other scheduling programs may struggle with that, but BarSight is built for it.

The software allows operators to assign multiple roles to employees and schedule them as normal in the simplest way they could hope for. The scheduling process provides the estimated labour cost broken down to include overtime and allows restaurants’ budgets to be split up in any way that makes sense for the operators. Scheduling validation helps to prevent issues around accidental daily or weekly overtime, and special access can be granted to certain employees to allow them to make schedules, approve requests, and more.

Meanwhile, integrating sales data from Square and Clover allows the system to provide average sales data and run that against the estimated labour costs of the day to give a better overview of how much profit the restaurant is likely to make that day.

Since the software knows who was scheduled, it provides a pre-filled daily sign-out sheet that can be printed for employees, allowing for shifts to be easily posted for payroll. Invoices and petty cash entries can be submitted from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone and entered into the system’s Accounts Payable module whenever and wherever is convenient to generate data, graphs, and reports to help with operating margins. This information can then be easily downloaded and shared, and the entire summary can be submitted to accounting for easy processing.

BarSight’s new fully customizable manager Log Book is the perfect all-in-one solution for generating reports to help operators stay on top of their operations, including general daily logs, customer comments, health and safety forms, inventory counts, daily sales reports, and so much more. All forms are viewable online at any time and monthly reports can also be reviewed and printed.

Maple Ridge, B.C.-based owner Brian Howard built BarSight with the intention of bringing simple staff management tools to smaller independently owned restaurants, cafes, breweries, and wineries at an affordable cost.

“With BarSight, the financial reporting aspect of it all is right there front and centre and with no extra fees. The primary focus is to show restaurants how much they’re spending so they can be more financially responsible. Taking care of employee and making sure they’ve got a healthy work-life balance is crucial. BarSight can be the solution to that problem by focusing on the business’ needs first in a way that fits with the current climate when it comes to restaurant staffing and shift requirements.”

Brian Howard, BarSight owner

At a time when balancing staffing and financial needs is more important than ever, BarSight is a simple solution to the problem.

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