Stick with sweets for a winning summer menu

Diners love desserts! In fact, Datassential’s latest report shows that 95 per cent of people have had sweets within the last week, and 63 per cent of consumers have indulged within the last 24 hours. This course, of course, is not a new concept, but 45 per cent of operators saw a rise in dessert sales over the last year, so it’s a segment that’s on the rise.

Not only are desserts a great way to treat your customers, but they raise cheque totals and can help you build your online profile, by taking a few important elements into account.

Stay trendy

Nostalgia is a trend that seems to be sticking around, with 57 per cent of consumers looking for flavours that remind them of their youth. Classics s’mores flavours, birthday cake, cookie dough, and snacks like Dunkaroos top the fan favourites’ list.

However, while customers search for comfort food, they are also looking to experiment with new flavours like unique takes on sweet and savoury, along with some of the newest trends like Basque cheesecake and mochi. Recently, Chuck E. Cheese’s unicorn churros were a hit, creating a buzz, and getting customers into their locations to give them a try.

Consider offering a few classics, one or two trendy items, and a signature dessert that can get attention and have people coming back to your restaurant.

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Leave a lasting impression

Are there desserts on your takeout menu? 77 per cent of consumers ate their last dessert at home, and 26 per cent of those were consumed as late-night snacks. To address the demand for desserts on the go, restaurants need to offer options that customers can take with them to enjoy later. Grab-and-go items like slices of pie or cake, cupcakes, or pastries are always popular. Operators who want to get creative can offer options like DIY cookie decorating, or baking kits that families can enjoy together.

While this market may seem tricky for restaurants to execute effectively, it offers the benefit of staying top of mind while your customers enjoy their sweet treats at home.

Make it photo-friendly

Foodies abound on social media, so give them some shareable content for their feeds. When creating your desserts, think about the aesthetic, plating, and even how it presents when it’s enjoyed at home. By using hashtags, engaging with food-related content, and posting regularly on your socials, you can really start to make a name for yourself and attract attention for your restaurant.

Dessert is on the rise, so appeal to your guests’ eyes along with their taste buds, create something they’ll remember, and consider the trends for your summer dessert menu.