Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones brings savoury sustenance to Saskatoon

Press release

The newest addition to Grassroots Restaurant Group alongside Ayden Kitchen & Bar and Little Grouse on the Prairie

The team from Ayden Kitchen & Bar and Little Grouse on the Prairie is proud to announce the opening of their new restaurant venture, Sticks and Stones. The restaurant will be located at 226 2nd Avenue South, in the heart of Saskatoon’s food and entertainment district. This will also be the first restaurant opened under the new restaurant group name, Grassroots Restaurant Group.

Sticks and Stones, with a public opening date of April 11, 2017, will be open 6 days a week, with hours of Tuesday – Wednesday from 11:30am-1am, Thursday – Saturday from 11:30am – 2am and Sunday from 11:30am-1am.

Sticks and Stones as a concept is tied into core imagery of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Chopsticks and stone bowls are a traditional aspect of the respective food cultures. The name, like the restaurant/bar itself, is a playful way to represent classic cuisine and drinks with a unique and upbeat atmosphere. Signature hand-made ramen bowls made with Saskatchewan clay will be created by Vin Arora at Techtonic Plates of Vancouver.

The kitchen at Sticks and Stones will be led by Nathan Guggenheimer, who is moving from his position of co-chef at Ayden Kitchen & Bar. Nathan has been working with Canada’s first Top Chef and multi-award winning culinary artist Dale Mackay for over a decade. He will be supported by Head Chef Josh Unruh, taking his leap into a kitchen management role after working with Nathan and Dale over a long period of time in Vancouver and Saskatoon. The menu will be broken down into specific categories corresponding to the style of Korean and Japanese cuisine presented. Ramen, house-made kimchi and kimchi fried rice, gyoza, sushi, and Korean fried chicken will all make their mark on a static menu, along with frequent feature explorations into deeper parts of the respective cuisines.

The beverage program has been meticulously designed by various members of the Grassroots Restaurant Group. The wine, sake, and soju list will be designed by Brett Theriault and Erick Strong, Sommelier of Little Grouse on the Prairie. Sticks and Stones will feature many exclusive Sake options by working directly with a Sake Gami Corp., a Canadian-based sake importer, and the special-order desk at Co-op Liquor Store.

Sticks and Stones’ cocktail program will be representative of the skill and experience of some of the most talented bartenders in the province, with the list primarily being built by Bar Manager Chad Coombs and Christopher Cho. The bar program will be highlighted by creative creations, well-executed classics, and a commitment to having one of the strongest bar teams in the city.

With the opening of this third restaurant, the team will now bring their operations under the banner of Grassroots Restaurant Group. This will allow customers in Saskatoon and throughout the province and country to recognize that these restaurants and services, along with future endeavours, will provide them with exceptional dining experiences.

The Grassroots Restaurant Group is a partnership between three founders integral to the success of operations – Dale Mackay, Christopher Cho, and Nathan Guggenheimer.