Sustainability matters to today’s Canadian consumers

Sustainability is a hot topic for Canadians and it is becoming increasingly important to consumers, with 45 per cent looking to increase their sustainable behaviour.

Recently, consumers were asked to rate the importance of restaurants making sustainable choices. Results were steady across the board, with QSRs (at 57 per cent), fast casuals (at 56 per cent), fine dining (at 56 per cent), and casual dining (at 55 per cent).

We know that shared values are an important part of building trust and loyalty with your customers, so if they care about sustainability, you should too.

Not all environmental changes are costly. If you’re looking for a few simple ways to take greener steps, you might switch to eco-friendly takeout containers, start recycling, encourage guests to bring in reusable coffee cups, or try upcycling ingredients rather than wasting them.

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A crucial part of your sustainability plan needs to be how you communicate your efforts to your customers; they won’t know that you care about the same things if you don’t tell them. What’s the best way to get your message across? 48 per cent of consumers would like to see details on the menu and 41 per cent through restaurant signage.

Restaurants seem to be missing the mark here. Only 14 per cent of restaurants are using menus and 16 per cent are using signage to promote their green efforts, instead using social media as their marketing tool of choice.

It’s a good idea to combine all your efforts, using social media to draw customers into your restaurant, and making the most of your captive audience once they’re inside. There’s a real opportunity here for restaurants that prioritize sustainability and can market it for maximum effect.  

Make the most of your sustainability strategy to connect with your customers, get attention for your restaurant, and get ahead of the competition.