Sweet summer flavours are already arriving on menus

Even though spring has just arrived, many restaurants are already looking ahead to summer with seasonal items and LTOs on the menu. From desserts to beverages, many QSRs are adding to their rosters to keep guests excited to try new items and keep cool as temperatures continue to heat up.

McDonald’s is caffeinating customers more creatively, focusing on sweet cold coffee treats for the season. Their menu has been updated to include a new cold brew roster including French Vanilla Cream, Caramel Cream, Sweetened Cold Brew with Cream, and Cold Brew with sugar-free syrup and cream.

Burger King is adding a Frozen Cotton Candy beverage in shades of blue, featuring flavours of blue raspberry and cotton candy, available with a cold foam topping.

Wendy’s new Orange Dreamcicle Frosty is now featured on the menu, replacing the vanilla flavour for a limited time, and it’s their take on the nostalgic trend still popular with customers at their favourite restaurants.

Dairy Queen is celebrating the season with a confetti cake dipped cone, available for a limited time at select locations, featuring soft serve dipped in confetti-flavoured coating, in a cone filled with confetti pieces. They have also already announced their summer Blizzard flavours, adding Picnic Peach Cobbler, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and Ultimate Cookie to their offerings.

While some QSRs are busy looking ahead to the next season, many restaurants are still offering LTOs and items that focus on fresh, spring items, giving guests lots to choose from as they celebrate the warmer weather.

Studies show that 41 per cent of North American consumers are likely to make a purchase when food or beverages are available for a limited time. LTOs and seasonality on your menu encourage new customers to visit, create a buzz around your menu, and show regular guests that you want to keep them interested. Incorporating the flavours of the season helps operators increase traffic and boost the bottom line through this spring and summer.