MTLàTABLE 2018 generated more than $7 million

Press Release Tourisme Montréal is reporting outstanding attendance numbers for MTLàTABLE 2018. Nearly 120,000 people came out to enjoy a meal at participating restaurants throughout the city, generating more than $7 million for local businesses. This is a 22.6 per cent improvement over 2016, when participation rates were comparable to 2018 (150 participating restaurants). MTLàTABLE, an event […]

MTLàTABLE 2017 generates $9-mil in revenue for 175 participating restaurants

Press release More than 131,000 locals and tourists got a taste of Montréal cuisine and the city’s internationally acclaimed culinary creativity during MTLàTABLE, an event presented by Aeroplan. This year, the increasingly popular food celebration took place over 15 days, a longer period than usual, to mark Montréal’s 375th anniversary. It generated over $9 million for participating […]

Aeroplan introduces new food and drink sponsorships

Press release Introducing new partnerships with Dine Out Vancouver, Winterlicious/Summerlicious and MTLàTABLE Aeroplan is pleased to announce that it has partnered with some of Canada’s favourite culinary celebrations including Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out™ Vancouver Festival, the City of Toronto’s Winterlicious and Summerlicious programs and Tourisme Montréal’s MTLàTABLE, in a move that will bring exciting dining opportunities for Aeroplan Members. “Great […]