Chick-fil-A expansion into Toronto prompts backlash on social media

By Greg Furgala The Atlanta-based quick service chain Chick-fil-A announced yesterday that it will be opening its second Canadian franchise in Toronto in 2019, following famed American chains like Five Guys, Chipotle and, albeit briefly, last year’s six-hour Shake Shack pop-up that led to an hours-long lineup, with one Shake-fan even offering $60 for a secondhand burger and […]

Unisex bathrooms: What to know when you need to go

By Jeni Marinucci Restaurant owners and their staff encounter situations daily which call upon them to show discretion, understanding, and respect to patrons – and it’s not always easy, as anyone who’s dealt with an intoxicated or irate customer can attest to. But in today’s climate, even the seemingly simple act of using the restroom […]