Drink trends to watch in Canada in 2021

New trends emerged across almost every industry in 2020 as consumers and businesses adjusted to the realities of a global pandemic. Drink trends within the beverage alcohol industry were no exception. Just like in fashion, drink trends regularly come and go as the seasons change and the calendar flips to a new year. This year, […]

One Trend, Three Ways: The new wave of non-alcoholic drinks

By Sophie Mir Non-alcoholic drinks remain a top mealpart at Canadian restaurants. Per Technomic’s Ignite menu data, almost all Canadian operators (99.4 per cent) menu non-alcoholic beverages. (If not menued, then they’re almost certainly available.) According to Technomic’s 2018 Canadian Beverage Consumer Trend Report, beverage consumption from foodservice has remained steady over the past two […]

Unilever Food Solutions introduces Pure Leaf Tea to foodservice

Appeal to tea lovers using fresh-brewed tea from the finest tea leaves Press release Unilever Food Solutions introduces Pure Leaf Hot and Iced Teas to foodservice. Today’s guests appreciate simple, authentic ingredients and Pure Leaf tea leaves are simply picked from the finest tea estates around the world. Each tea’s origin is linked to its […]

Mintel announces five global food and drink trends for 2018

Press release Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, has announced five key trends set to impact the global food and drink market over the coming year. In 2018, expect to see transparency and traceability for all, regardless of their income. From ingredient scares to political bombshells, self-care has become a priority for many and one […]

Food Service Operations program now available at Humber College

By Kavita Sabharwal Advancing your career in the foodservice industry can be difficult, especially if you’re currently working full time at a restaurant and find you have no time to tackle school, as well. With the introduction of Humber College’s new Food Service Operations Certificate program, however, it’s easier than ever to learn the skills necessary […]

Tim Hortons spills the beans on new latte coming to all Canadian locations

All Canadians need to say is ‘latte’ to get a hand-crafted beverage made with the perfect balance of espresso and freshly steamed milk to deliver a premium coffee experience Press release Tim Hortons has announced its solution to a world of long-winded, overwhelming coffee orders – its new, perfectly uncomplicated latte. Tim Hortons Guests need […]

How to create the perfect wine and beverage program

By Zoltan Szabo When constructing a wine and beverage program, there are a number of important factors that come into play. Whether it is budget or knowledge of your clientele, creating a compelling wine list is about more than following trends or setting prices based simply on profit margins. The more you know about the […]

Unique flavours abound with inventive new craft and artisanal sodas

From herbs to exotic fruits, small-batch craft sodas are putting a new twist on Canada’s soft drink industry. Long the domain of large soft drink companies, the soda (or, more colloquially, pop) market in Canada has seen an influx of new craft and artisanal soda makers starting to create a buzz among non-alcoholic beverage fans. […]

Starbucks taps in on Nitro Cold Brew

Press release The company expects to more than double the size of its cold beverage business in Canada within five years Starbucks Canada has announced that Brookfield Place in Toronto will be the first location to launch Nitro Cold Brew, with more locations to come across Canada over the next several months. Following the roll out, Starbucks will be the first retailer in Canada to offer […]

Sales tax on food and beverages in Canada

We’ve compiled the chart below to demonstrate how much sales tax is applied to foodservice meals in each province or territory in Canada. This complete chart is updated quarterly or if amendments are made. If you would like other information that isn’t in this chart, drop us a line!