The Newest Consumer(s): There’s more than just one kind of cannabis user

By Gregory Furgala Canada has a new demographic — officially, at least. With legal cannabis widely available, consumers who partake now constitute a new set of data points, providing business owners, restaurant operators included, new insights into understanding and catering to them. Market research firm Technomic is amongst those exploring the category. For the first […]

Food Dudes’ co-founder launches cannabis edibles manufacturer Olli Brands

Toronto-based Olli, an influential new leader on Canada’s cannabis scene, has united a team of esteemed experts to produce teas and edibles with cannabis as a common ingredient and living well a common theme. Preparing for the second wave of recreational legalization in Canada (anticipated in fall of 2019), the thoughtfully curated product offerings of varying THC and CBD levels specifically […]

Chef Q&A with John MacNeil: “The sky’s the limit right now”

Interview by Gregory Furgala  John MacNeil doesn’t sell edible cannabis products; he can’t. While cannabis was legalized in Canada last October, the federal government held off on legalizing edible cannabis as well, saying it still needed to develop adequate regulations. Despite the hurdle, MacNeil has found his niche in his start-up, reTreat Edibles, which sells […]

Gabriella’s Kitchen provides year-end summary, announces intention to manufacture cannabis in Canada

Press Release Gabriella’s Kitchen Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has appointed a new Chief Financial Officer, provided shareholders with a summary of corporate achievements in 2018, as well as a discussion on the Company’s strategy and goals for 2019. Appointment of Senior Officer Consistent with the Company’s aggressive growth trajectory and capital […]

USMJ brand prominence bolstered by DEA reclassification of CBD

Press Release North American Cannabis Holdings today revealed details regarding an enthusiastic shareholder response to news that the DEA, in cooperation with the FDA, had rescheduled some applications of cannabidiol (CBD) reducing previous restrictions.  The DEA announced yesterday that drugs including “finished dosage formulations” of CBD approved by the FDA containing THC below 0.1 per […]

Koios subsidiary Cannavated to develop line of cannabis functional beverages

Press Release Koios Beverage Corp. is pleased to announce the creation of Cannavated Beverage Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary that will be among the first companies to produce cannabis-infused beverages. Koios brings its proven experience in the functional beverage industry to the growing cannabis sector. Cannavated drinks will have all of the nootropic health benefits of the winning […]

Canada’s proposed Cannabis Act: What restaurateurs need to know

By Matt Maurer and Whitney Abrams In April 2017, the Government of Canada introduced Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, (the “Act”) which will legalize the recreational use of cannabis nationwide. The Federal government has committed to a legal market taking effect by July 1, 2018, which will surely impact many Canada Day celebrations. The Act sets […]